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just ordered a woman's DR, excited!    I recently ripped my theory lambskin jacket :(( not sure how it exactly happened, but there's a huge tear in the jacket. the lambskin was incredibly soft, but very thin. let's just say i'm not the most careful person..   I'm afraid that my toj will rip too — any experience with the quality of toj lambskin? is it durable enough or should i have gone with cow/goat?
 first time getting a toj, do i send over both body measurements and jacket measurements? or just body measurements? also, is there even a slight possibility of me ordering a jacket now, them closing up shop (and stopping manufacturing), and then me never receiving a jacket? i think it'd probably be unlikely but i don't wanna risk anything. 
if y'all wanted an update, charly says they'll be taking orders for a couple more weeks, lead times are 20weeks. Has anyone had any experience with customs fees? I just don't wanna be charged $300 on top of a $800 jacket. Speaking of jacket, I was planning to get a woman's QDR: black lambskin, channel quilt, silver hardware. (yes I am a girl, yes I am in the classic menswear part of SF) I'm not too sure if I want the quilting though, does anyone have photos of the WQDR?
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