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I chose the non patend leather ones. In dark blue nappa leather and sole and even darker suede. 
What do you think about this brand? Do you have any experience with it? It is priced on par with Hermes, Valextra, Delvaux etc    
I keep them in the closet in a scarf box . Pity that T&A doesnt provide a box with them, like Hermes for example
Have you seen those Buscemi sneakers? I dont like the brands style, audience etc but I have to admit these posh shoes look like they have amazing leather (the leatherwork looks like an Hermes Birkin bag)       well maybe it is the gold lock and the key holder :P
I will suggest once more to look at santoni. I easily do 10-20km with them, while i still can wear them for something more formal. They are the only shoes I take while travelling with handluggage as i can walk all day and then go to a 3star restaurant. (i have them for about 8 years now)
Are there any Saint Laurent Paris made in France?
I also got this http://turnbullandasser.eu/pocket-square-pina-general-dog-hrl-re-1 
Turnbull & Asser has some excellent pocket squares. I have bought some of them in very low price. They range up to 115 euros for some limited editions, like the James Bond this year (final sale price 28 euros). They are generous sized, handprinted and handroled in England.  
Thank you very much. My size is 10UK so it is also difficult to find one in that exact size. Only one was available from ebay at 144 pounds but it was second. 
I had my mind on when I get on the bus. While I stand on the metal surface all of my shoes make me slip more or less except the ones with the dainite soles :P 
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