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http://www.upper-shoes.com/chaussures-luxe-destockage-crockett-and-jones/2891,25-clifford---calf.html   what do you think? C&J handgrade for 395 euros
I also saw the chiltern but prefered something more rounded to be more casual. I was between the Ryder, the Loake kempton/ Loake Pimlico, and the one from Cheaney which looks a lot like the Ryder. 
Great looking boots. I have these too and I really like them
Do the other shoe makers (JLP JL stjames etc) make a pair of second grade leather shoes so that the client can try it and have the adjustments made before the final product? 
Thank you Crockett also advised me on 10.5, I m just hesitating as I have some heel slip in the trickers (maybe narrow heel and wide foot)
 I m interested in buying these too. I dont know what size to go for. I wear 10G in churchs ryder and 9,5 to 10 in Trickers wide last (4444) fitting 6. 
After the RTW line they added sneakers.     what do you think? I would be interested in knowing the price of these. 
Thats ridiculous.  Also made in italy? 
 Very nice Just a general question, will this kind of welt (light colour) get darker with time? like a patina or how louis vuittons leather get darker? I had the same question after looking Loake Apethorn 
Menswear line pretty much destroyed the image of berluti . Do you know where they make them or who produces these for them ? Also a boot I found on mr.porter http://www.mrporter.com/en-gr/mens/berluti/brunico-venezia-leather-boots/441698 Which I found very nice but very very expensive. It looks like they are really comfortable
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