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Thank you. I thought only the bespoke were purple. Its been a while I havent checked them 
Not all of them. I have seen all of their sneakers are made in italy as also some mocassins. driving shoes etc. The goodwear are made in England.    So what colour are they now? 
Has anybody noticed that John Lobb changed their logo in their regular shoes line? I saw some photos on their website and now it is just JOHN LOBB with different type writing as also down on the sole. No JL logo on top neither made in england.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Hermes-Paris-Jeans-Black-Size-29-/171630868982?pt=UK_Men_s_Jeans&hash=item27f5ff39f6   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Hermes-Jeans-Dark-Blue-size-29-/171630892718?pt=UK_Men_s_Jeans&hash=item27f5ff96ae   what do you think? both look fake as hell to me. 
Thank you for your replys and sorry if i ve been very picky. I have only wear them less than 10 times.   Here is a better image with no flash to see what I mean.        I was wearing lately a lot a pair of churchs with dainite sole which have no signs of wear, and this is the only other goodyear shoes I got, so no experience.
Yesterday I wore the trickers and I hit the rock stairs quite hard so that happened. I suppose this upper part of the commando soles is leather so it lost the colour in the hit spot. Is there anything I can do? A cream maybe but it is hard to find the correct colour. Would a non coloured cream do the job?  
Something strange with farfetch prices. It shows me Givenchy sneakers at over 1200 euros and Loro Piana at 2300 euros.  
I dont get it either. I think the regular brown ones cost about 1000 euros. Is this 2800 euros for the painted shark? Maybe a big part of it is in the import duty
Is this the most expensive pair of sneakers or not.    http://www.farfetch.com/gr/shopping/men/berluti-playtime-hi-top-sneakers-item-10892692.aspx?storeid=9352&ffref=lp_2_   4650 usd. 3800 euros. 
Thanks, just saw that. It says email us for further details, althought with duties and taxes plus shipping costs it will end up there with C&J price.  Recently I saw a pair of Lanvin shoes at Barneys for just 199, but with taxes and duties BUT free delivery still came at about 340. I dont get it why ordering from Europe to ship to america the shoes come minus the VAT, but when I try to buy from America the price is even bigger than the retail, and no VAT is being reduced. :(
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