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I also saw the chiltern but prefered something more rounded to be more casual. I was between the Ryder, the Loake kempton/ Loake Pimlico, and the one from Cheaney which looks a lot like the Ryder. 
Great looking boots. I have these too and I really like them
Do the other shoe makers (JLP JL stjames etc) make a pair of second grade leather shoes so that the client can try it and have the adjustments made before the final product? 
Thank you Crockett also advised me on 10.5, I m just hesitating as I have some heel slip in the trickers (maybe narrow heel and wide foot)
 I m interested in buying these too. I dont know what size to go for. I wear 10G in churchs ryder and 9,5 to 10 in Trickers wide last (4444) fitting 6. 
After the RTW line they added sneakers.     what do you think? I would be interested in knowing the price of these. 
Thats ridiculous.  Also made in italy? 
 Very nice Just a general question, will this kind of welt (light colour) get darker with time? like a patina or how louis vuittons leather get darker? I had the same question after looking Loake Apethorn 
Menswear line pretty much destroyed the image of berluti . Do you know where they make them or who produces these for them ? Also a boot I found on mr.porter http://www.mrporter.com/en-gr/mens/berluti/brunico-venezia-leather-boots/441698 Which I found very nice but very very expensive. It looks like they are really comfortable
To my unterstanding it should be normal for nubuck shoes to be priced as the calf leather ones as nubuck is better and more expensive than suede ( outer vs inner part of the leather ) I always liked nubuck leather but very few use it
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