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Thanks a lot  jebarne that was a very good post I will definitely follow your advice. Thanks Victor, the blazer is actually dark navy, I paired them with black pants. You guys are helping a lot thank you very much
 will do, is it just the look of it that the community here does not like or its the loyalty to the classic knots ?lool I hope the eldrige knot does not have that effect too. Im joking I wont post that up here
 Pardon me Gents, I just did not know the reputation that knot (or "not" as someone called it) had here. Just wanted to try something different. I am here to soak up knowledge and learn from everyone. I just got caught off guard by the reception it got. Again my apologies if my response seemed harsh 
 I believe style is personal just because you think its horrible doesnt mean others wont like it, I like the trinity knot so I tried. Thanks for you opinions though
I have been lurking on this forum for a while, finally decided to join. Here goes my first post  
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