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Stainz are the new fadez.
Aerius does wonders for me and, at least in Canada, there's a generic available now.
Hollow, your stitching it inspiring.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb OR Thinking the navy will be easier to pair with? Orange is better with denim and generally way cooler.
Could you stop posting this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Anyone ever have a cobbler add some rubber (topys) to the bottom? Is it even possible with crepe soles? Would make them last longer and less slippery on wet ground. Don't see this working. Topys need a solid base to attach to. I asked my cobbler about resoling with something a little more practical but I just couldn't justify spending $40-60 resoling -$100 shoes. I've found the leather on them pretty...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Obsessor Hello Denimheads: I will be visiting Self Edge and Blue in Green in NYC next month (June) to purchase my third pair of raw denim. My first two purchases were a pair of Jean Shop Rockers and a pair of APC Rescues. But I will be starting a new job in retail where I have been told that the dress code is "hip/sheik business casual," so I need a nice, new clean pair of raw denim that I will normally wear with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2500ekW I am an outdoors guy and typically dress that way. My usual shoes are brown hiking boots that have a bit of black and gray. I just picked up a charcoal gray lightweight hiking/windproof jacket without thinking about what shirts, belt, or shoes go with it. Can I get away with wearing the charcoal jacket with a brown leather belt and brown hiking boots (and dark blue denim)? The jacket it similar to this:...
Quote: Originally Posted by e23 Anyone else get a hand written postcard from customer service thanking you for your purchase? That's pretty cool to me. I think these are computer-generated made to look handwritten. I got one for a $12 purchase. Edit: And the postage on mine said $0.80. I'd rather just have the money, thanks.
Proxy here.
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