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Forget those terrible options and go fly a kite.
YSL Rive Gauche a few times a week. RG strikes me as the best you can smell without coming off as someone who's really trying to smell good. YSL Opium PH once in a while to change it up, especially on warm summer nights. Edit: Really rarely, Animale for Men. Makes me sneeze when I put it on but it smells great about a half an hour in.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I'm mesmerized by the construction of these Il Bussetto coin pouches. It looks like the lid snaps down over the pouch, and there is no stitching. How is this even possible?? Boiled leather possibly?
Had a good day getting stuff that I just really like (though none of them are worth much): SS button-ups $6.99 & $5.99, LL Bean Pull-over jacket $7.99, Izzue blazer $14.99, Canvas/leather d-ring belt $3.99.
Strange that the fireman's jacket is still around anywhere. I got mine, marked down to $79, last fall I think.
Got these for $19 each. Actually I bought two of the one on the right, and another one the same material as the one on the left (but it has one pocket and rounded-off collars), all of them $19.
^ I love that Harrington. Waiting for it to get just a little bit cheaper...
Point is: it's not a SF question.
Is there any way to stop MC from referring people over here?
So happy sheik business casual is making a resurgence.
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