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So... you got an answer here, and then decided that wasn't enough, so you made your own thread?
Be sure to post some evo picks en an entirely new thread.
Awesome thread. Keep it going.
I'm going to keep adding things as I get time to post more pictures. I'm located in Canada so I can look into FedEx shipping prices or I can wait until after the Canada Post strike is over to ship. Either way, contact me to inquire about shipping costs. Corter Wallet and Bracelet. Bracelet is unused, wallet spent a day in my pocket before I decided it wasn't for me. Wallet: $25 Bracelet: $10 YSL Sunglasses These were factory seconds that say "MADE...
Am I too late for the infrared party?
There are some shirts with this composition at Club Monaco right now. The fabric doesn't look any different, it just allows the fabric to retain a certain texture.
They can probably help you in the Men's Clothing subforum.
Well, now my wallet's going to have a take a hit for a Duluth Scout. Why not save the 'backpacks are for kids' comments for the manbag thread?
Oldest news on the forum.
Not completely sure what the difference between the Lo Pro Era and Lo Pro is, but I'm partial to the all-white Lo Pro
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