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A coincidence we got back on track right around my birthday. My parents gave me a Maratac CU to go with my other AAA lights.
^ Some better pictures here: I just sold the St Christopher and Qu'hier for $400.
Okay, yeah, let's just piss on it's grave.
Bumping this thread for those two posts? Time of thread death: a long time ago.
Finally got something brag-worthy again. Large pendant on the left 50 cents, chain with three pendants on the right, 50 cents. Left is 14K gold, made in Jerusalem. Right the St Christopher and Qu'hier are 18K, anchor is 14K, the chain is 10K.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Anyone recommend Aviator sunglasses, but with squarish lenses/frames, like these? Preferably under 2 bills. Those pictures are BVLGARI and retail @ $390 Randolph Engineering Aviators for sure. US made for Defence Department and can be had for under $100. I now wear them way more than any of my Ray Bans.
Can someone recommend a good quality necklace/chain that's not too expensive that I can add my own pendant to? Preferably available online.
Subtle spam is subtle.
Quote: Originally Posted by JosiahS Keds I have these in tan suede. Were TTS based on my dress-shoe sizing. I don't wear chucks so I can't say based on that size.
^ To me, the roundness looks feminine on you.
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