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Is the wallet made of crayons?
Living in London, Ontario so the choices are pretty slim right now. I have a bit of success when I go to Toronto but I still find everything's designed for someone a bit bigger than I am. Thanks for the tips guys, I'm making my way through the affiliate stores now. Edit: @Master-Classter: Any recommendations for shops in Toronto?
If there was already a thread like this I couldn't find it. Hopefully it's relevant to others (and if it is I'll post the useful information back in the main post). Most of my clothes are from these mall brand stores (H&M, Club Monaco, Gap, etc.) because I'm used to the sizing and they're cheap. I want to invest in some higher quality pieces but I'm having trouble figuring out where to look for better stuff with similar sizing/cuts. I wear an XS/28 at these stores,...
Great colours BrizaBirch.
Decided to try this out on some jeans I don't wear first. Started off with this wash. Now: [[SPOILER]] Edit: One shot in the last sliver of sunlight left today:
I found hanging them up outside did more good for the smell than washing. EDIT: Google says vinegar. I might just try it.
The colours just didn't work for me, so it's all bleached white now. I'm experimenting with some paint mixes to do all of the outside and leaving the inside (probably including the inside of collar) white. We'll see what happens.
Bumping this. Here's one I did a while ago. I've since bleached the whole thing and am thinking about painting it black.
Don't start new threads for questions like this.
Stop it.
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