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I'm teetering on the fence about these. I'm a skinny guy that wears skinny jeans and am afraid these will make my feet look monstrous (Yes, I know the skinny jeans problem has been addressed but my concerns remain). My Clarks DBs are slowly falling apart and I'm looking for something a bit more robust to replace them. I usually wear them with levis 511s or 510s rolled up, has anyone successfully pulled off this look with the Katahdins? How much chunkier is the...
The 20% coupon seems to have expired. LLBFRIENDS10 will get you 10% off until the end of this month.
Just caught my beeswax clarks awkwardly in a door and took a slice out of the toe. I don't mind the imperfection, but I'm worried it will turn into a hole. Anyone know any remedies to stop it from tearing any worse?
Most of my shirts are from sales at the Gap. I'm a tall skinny guy and their XS button-ups are just great. The fact that they mark them down under $10 is icing on the cake.
You can usually find a fairly sleek looking black or brown leather glove at most department stores. I have a pair from Sears with thinsulate lining. They're not bulky and I never find my hands getting too cold (coldest it gets here is ~-40C). Edit: Cheapness is a plus as I find gloves are the first accessory you lose.
I can't comment on the quality yet, but I emailed Corter with a question and got a response from the maker within the hour (and another quick response after a follow-up question), a nice feature of a small enterprise. I ordered one of his $32 grab bag sales (bracelet and a myster item), so I'll be back once they've arrived to comment on quality.
I really like American Crew's Grooming Cream: shiny, good hold, washes out easily. It's unscented in that it just sort of smells like waxy stuff, not purposely fragranced. Problem is, it's really expensive. Does anyone know of an affordable alternative? All the affordable water-based pomades seem to add cheap-smelling fragrances.
Interested in the Clarks if you can ship for that price to Canada.
Forgive me if this has already been covered (I've looked through a lot of these pages, but not all of them). I've been browsing the UK Clarks site and they have a lot more colour options than in N. America. I love my beeswax DBs (and hate suede shoes), so I'm looking for more in leather. Does anyone know of a source that ships these UK models to North America?
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