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Brand new, just tried on. Turns out you're not supposed to size down on these. My mistake, so I'd like to get them out soon so I can try again. Made in Italy. Tags still attached, booklet still in back pocket. Item ships from London, Ontario. Price includes shipping to United States as well as Ontario and Quebec. Please contact me for shipping cost to other provinces. Paypal accepted. If you don't have paypal I have a Western Union rep nearby so I can accept that...
I was actually pretty impressed with the new mens section at the Bloor location.
So I just picked up some APC PS Black jeans in size 26. They just fit right now but I'm afraid any stretching is going to make them unwearable. Can I get any shrinking with a soak or should I just try to sell them or trade them for something smaller? And the obvious next question, anyone with a 25 PS or NC up for a trade?
Anyone that owns (or has tried) the 877s and IRs. Same size for both? Last time I was in a store that sold RWs I only thought to try on the 877s.
Any fit pics of these in black?
Has anyone ordered the Big John M3s and can comment on the fit? I'm a 27 in N&F Skinny Guy and am wondering if I can get away with a 28.
Thanks. Don't think I'm prepared for 22oz, but the black coated maybe. Does anyone know if the 95%/5% elastine fits tighter?
Does anyone know where I can get Skinny Guy jeans in a 27 waist? I'm in Canada, looking for an online retailer that ships here.
I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on some of the RRL oxblood or barn red selvedge jeans. Can anyone chime in on how their denim in these kinds of dyes fade? Wasn't able to find any pictures of them other than new.
Lot of stuff dropped in price this week. I don't often leave with more than one thing at CM but I bought three shirts today.
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