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Price dropped.
Not sure if I want to sell but I don't get enough occasion to wear it. Worn less than 10 times, no signs of wear. Looking to get $300 + shipping for it. Size small.
Have these been worn at all?
^ I went a half size down, a bit roomy in the toes, but no slipping in the back. Been wearing them a lot for about two weeks. I had the same foot pain where the boot bends at the start, but it seems a lot better already. I'd say just suffer through it and hope for the best.
These are not good on ice. Be careful, fellow Northerners.
Yeah, they're looking way better with RRL slim fit and 511s.EDIT: With 511s
Best: KMW Rocker jeans that I bought on eBay on a whim, ended up being the best fit I've ever had. Also, black Iron Rangers that just came in the mail two days ago. Worst: Opening Ceremony X Pendleton moto jacket that I love but can never seem to find occassion to wear.
Echoing Moody's post: Got my Black IRs from Revolve at 30% discount. Usually a 9D, 8.5D in RW 877, got these in 8.5D and they fit perfect. So pleased to get it right on the first try.
My black IRs are on the way from Revolve. Will post pictures when they get here.
I'd like to hear more about how these handle a Canadian Winter. Might look into these instead of the RW IRs.
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