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It's in the spring lookbook. Timothy Shirt Jacket.
Has anyone seen any new markdowns since the 40% off promo a while ago?
Anything remotely desirable that had been marked down would've sold by now. Just crossing my fingers for some new markdowns this week.
I called around the Toronto locations, no XS Fair Isle sweaters. Stopped in again today with the intention of buying the surplus jacket. Ended up being too big so I picked up some wool pants and a Millerain bag for $100 after taxes.
40% off already reduced merchandise Friday-Monday at the CM in London. I imagine this is true at the other locations. Unfortunately the two items I've been eyeing haven't receieved their first markdown. fffffffffffffffffff EDIT: Dip dye fair isle sweaters $59 - 40% = $35.40 now. Only size L and XL here though. If anyone sees an XS and wants to share it's location, I'll pop in and have them order it for me from there. I didn't want to bug them to call around to other...
I was told by someone at Blue Owl that the Left Hand Twill Skinny Guy run was all sized one smaller than actual (and their measurements reflect this). So I called N&F to check on it and Brandon (surprised and impressed that he was taking calls) said they fit the same as all the others. So far all I've been able to try on in person was a 27 in duck canvas, seemed like a pretty good fit, and a 28 in deep indigo, which fit, but wouldn't if there was any stretch. Can anyone...
Anyone know where I can get any N&F denim in a 27 waist online (shipped to Canada)?
Worn these for about a month and it seems like they're a bit too big. Looking to get some of my money back in order to try them in a half-size down. Price includes shipping. Pictures forthcoming, but gauging interest for now.
You couldn't even wait 10 minutes for an answer in the quick questions thread?
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