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 Anybody's order shipped yet?
 I got my order through. I hope it isn't canceled.
OP, I'm basically your size, and the M Fjell Jacket fits me perfectly.
I wonder how those sneakers fit. I have to size up for my Gyakusou jacket, and it's still kind of small.
Okay, these run large. I was scared at first when seeing how small my lows looked compared to my Nikes, but then I put them on and the fit. They are highly cushioned and very sleek.
 What do you do for a living? How many pairs of Aldens do you have?
It's not gay if it's Gosling.
For someone whose feet are wide enough to have to wear a 13US, but not wide enough for a 13E, should I size down to 45 or go TTS? I asked on /fa/ and popular opinion was to size down.
Anybody else think the bulge in the ankle looks strange? Am I tying my 403's too tight? Or is my foot too wide?
Last time I checked NeedSupply, size 12 403's were not available, so they probably just made a mistake.
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