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Killing two birds with one stone by breaking in 4060's and my Left Field jeans that I don't wear much. Man, I thought my Iron Rangers were stiff, but shell is a different beast.
I saw your listing here after I paid for the boots already. You could have told me about it after I sent my initial offer.It's all good, though. These shoes are basically unworn with barely any scuffs, and cost me $200 less than retail.
Finally got my first pair of shell Aldens. 4060's in 12.5: Compared to my Indy Boots in 12D: These are stiff as hell, but they fit my size 13 D feet pretty well.
I wouldn't call that being taken advantage of. If you're dumb enough to pay $4000 for a pair of boots you do not need, then you get what you deserve. Alden's are a luxury, not a life-necessity.
Anybody know where I can get the smoke white runners in 46?
Anyone know how Kris Van Assche Multi Lace Sneakers fit for someone with wider feet? I sized down on Achilles Lows and they were too tight in the toebox, and I went true to size in BBall Lows and they are kind of long. My feet aren't wide enough for an E, but they are wide.
Ten-month-old Amber Harness Iron Rangers next to my brand new black ones. I forgot how stiff they are out-the-box. On a related note, I could have sworn that Louis CK was wearing Iron Rangers (that changed from black to brown mysteriously) on Elevator Pt. 6 tonight.
 Anybody's order shipped yet?
 I got my order through. I hope it isn't canceled.
OP, I'm basically your size, and the M Fjell Jacket fits me perfectly.
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