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Such a tease
Lux sweats for real.  
Still gettin the run around, I'll believe it when I see it. Nothing has changed, nothing has moved. A wallet here and there, that's it.
I don't think we should interpret his words as in all the orders will be finished this month into next. I've reread it like 6 times and I think he's saying he has some shipments ready to go now but will have more coming soon? I just hope he really means it when he says things will be moving more quickly from here on out. I'm waiting on my Oct '13 order.  
So if I read that right, the bulk of all the orders will be complete by this month and into January?  Like all the jackets?  The whole queue?   Also, we're all supposed to email ToJ with our info now?
I think the medium looks fine on him.  I think it's the angle of the picture that makes it look small/tight.  
Where's our update? Where's our leather jackets?
That's some wishful thinking, though I hope it is the case, I'm doubtful because the factory workers are known to take time off.
JE grey flash dual fullzip hoodie, black escobars, jordan 1 bred
Wore mine today with some John Elliott.
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