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Waiting for the update to the update.
Seems the long waited response raised more questions than answers...
How are you privy to this info?
I thought we'd get a response today..
When the last big shipments went out, I was hoping and speculating that wait times would descrease, no sign of that yet.
who's in Korea?  go visit the restaurant and ask him for us.
Do you have this also listed on Grailed?   I'm watching it, and I have sent you several messages but received no replies...
I dont know anything, just thought I'd try some positive thinking. Lol
What if the reason why Drew has been so quiet lately is because secretly ToJ is in beast mode. They're working round the clock, overtime, to get back on schedule.     He built this co. up and has/had a solid reputation for all these years, ToJ has made thousands? of jackets and this is how it ends?  Nah. This is the last hurrah and he's not going out like that.   Expect a big update soon, and I will leave you with this from 2 months...
New Posts  All Forums: