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Question for anyone that has purchased a spot and already had their jacket delivered -  Were there any issues with shipping?     Seeing some some these posts where an address was changed is making me a little worried. Esp after contacting ToJ to let them know of the change, there was still a mix up?
When did you order?  When did you receive?Did you update the spreadsheet?
If you are a fan of ToJ, then you are a fan of Drew, and by extension a fan of Libertine and his Instagram/lifestyle. Consider yourself investors, your orders are down payments to fulfill Drew's dream of owning a restaurant and BMW.     SILENCE IS GOLDEN
Shhh, don't say bad, unpleasant things about Drew, his business or his practice.  You'll hurt his feelings and then he won't do his job.  Give him a break, you know he has his plates full atm.  Be thankful that you have your order/s in so that ToJ may produce your jacket.  Need I remind you that membership to ToJ is already at a discount compared to other clubs, and it's closed to new users so consider yourself one of the last lucky few.  The sparse Instagram pics and...
My iPhone 6+ fits in the Wool MA-1.  
Lot of leather options if I demanded and if I actually got a refund. It really shocks me that he hasnt responded yet even after the uproar and numerous customers asking for a refund.
What does it take to get some answers?   An investigative news crew showing up unexpectedly to confront the business owner?  
Just wanted to share the ToJ Oustanding Order List again for those that may be unaware or have missed it.   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MRajBxbJDZa1RPNwtqhDHhkxLBkQAnakmRRRH74cKNM/edit?usp=sharing   October '13 orders are stacked (my MDR included).
All Quiet on the Eastern Front
New Posts  All Forums: