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My McClean's came in today, went with the 8.5, which is my true to size.  They are a bit narrow, hugging my feet, but I believe they will break in nicely over time.  Quality wise, everything is on point, no blemishes, marks or any other issues.  Quite pleased with them.  Ready for the Fall.
You know the Js gotta stay crispy in VNDS condition. 
Found this imgur album, McClean vs Original, lot's more pics here: http://imgur.com/a/mnFWX      
I have coconut oil in the bathroom.  My girlfriend uses it for oil pulling.
So I guess just embrace it huh.  Thanks for all your help wj4.  Gonna pull the trigger on these, too good of a price to pass on.  I particularly like that it's a cap toe and a seasonal model that's not going to be available after. This makes it a little more rare compared to the ubiquitous standard 1K model.  From my time spent searching, there's actually very little info regarding this McClean on the internet.  - It's not even listed on Wolverine's site.   From what I've...
Is there anyway to prevent the back of the eyelets from scratching the tongue?
Okay, so I went into Nordstrom to size my feet properly on a braddock and to see if I could try these on.   It's been a long time since I've braddock'd my feet, associate helped me out and my true size is 8.5, my width is slightly a lil bigger than normal D.     I asked to try on the 1000 mile, unfortunately, they didn't have my size in stock.  They didn't have any other 1000 mile in my size in stock.  They did bring out a size 9 for me to try on.  Associate helped me...
I need some advice with sizing (yes, I did read this thread and others). I know many recommend sizing 1/2 to 1 full size down.   I'm interested in the Wolverine 1000 Mile McClean @ Nordstrom, it's a pretty good deal. This is what I wear in other brand shoes:   Nike  8.5/9.0 Adidas Stan Smith  8.5 Vans SK8-Hi  8.5 Converse  Chuck Taylor  8.0 Common Projects  8 (41) Margiela GAT  8 (41) Clarks Desert Boot  8.0 Grenson Stanley Brogue 8.0 Mark McNairy Black Waxy...
Wish it was a size 41.
Looks like it fits you fine, the sleeves are a bit long but that's about it.   Just curious, where doesn't it quite fit you at?
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