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How much is shipping?   Edit:  Nevermind  lol
Presale for 20% off kinda weak, but I wasn't expecting much more discount anyway. Might be better to look out for other stockists that will offer better deals.  
Just got the presale email, 20% off site wide. Will the Black Friday sale be better/different?
Does 2 way zips cost more?  And how much?
I'm not crazy about their jeans.  I had the Coast wash before, and disliked the high rise in the back.  This was before they updated the fit. Sold them and copped a pair of Baldwin Henley washed and also Acne Aces, much better fit.
Thanks for posting the instagram pics, please continue to do so whenever he updates it with anything relevant. I often check the tumblr for new info but don't follow him on instagram.
You just reminded me to do the same.  Haven't even used the fur yet since acquiring.  It's freakin cold.
I see what you mean.
Looks good, only thing I would question is the the sleeve length.  Not sure exactly where you want your sleeves to hit, but 25 may be too long?  Not sure.
So for someone that is around 5'8", what front/back length would you generally recommend for an ideal hit/fit?   I was recommended front 21.5, back 23.6 by Charly.  Sound good?
New Posts  All Forums: