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You know what to do.
When did you order?I'm waiting on my MDR order too, Oct. 2013.  
Just saw it up on Grailed.  Beautiful jacket.  Sleeves a bit long, otherwise close to the size I have on order.  When did you order?  
Video was spot on, someone post that video to Libertine's page. Lol
Riga's underrated, love mine.
What's your normal waist size?  And how much did you size down?(Not sure if you're the same dude who has a 32 waist and went with a 29) I had a pair of Coast before but I had to sell them as I went TTS and the sizing was off.It's ridiculous to have to size down 3 sizes for the right fit. I read that they are making changes to their denim sizing for the fall right?
I, too, am not really feelin the new shape.  Not sure if it's because the size is big/long, but it doesn't look good.  I'm on the waitlist but now I'm feelin iffy.  Not only is there negative feedback on here, but I've seen similar comments made over in the KanyeToThe - fashion section, specifically the chelsea boot thread there.  He needs to post more/clearer pics of the actual boots, so if anyone receives some, please post them.  
So how long are we gonna go this time without hearing from Drew before we take our comments to Libertine's facebook?
So did you not receive the jacket you wanted?  Can you elaborate more on the order changes you made and how you ended up with that config?  
This.JE is genereally TTS.  Don't overthink it.  Even with their tees, if you want them to fit slightly oversized/loose like their aesthetic, again, go TTS.  If you want a slightly slimmer fit then size down.  I'm a medium in every JE piece I own.  
New Posts  All Forums: