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 That's why I avoided the hype on those.Sure, they're beautiful looking, and they're comfortable to walk in, but after several wears they look dirty.
 That is weird, don't like.
Hey, can you post some pics of your worn in wallet, just curious to see the condition it's in after all these years.
I picked that one up secondhand, not sure if wallets are getting fulfilled. 
What are you using now?I was using a Comme Des Garcon (Luxury) wallet
I guess I'm just being picky, but I kinda like the pull on the initial run of toj small wallets with the riri zip, compared to the newer run with the excella zip.    
Saw this randomly on tumblr, what is this?    
Can I get your guys thoughts on Excella vs RIRI zippers?   I did do a bit of research already, read Drew's old post on it. From my understanding, RIRIs are a bit harder and more expensive to source? Quality is close to par?   Any other thoughts? Just copped a ToJ small wallet, thought it was RIRI, turned out to be Excella.
When you order through the website, are you charged immediately, later, or when the boots ship?  
runway fits are great, brand really evolvin - John comin thru at the end wearin Fragment 1s too.edit:  the wet look is back 
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