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This.JE is genereally TTS.  Don't overthink it.  Even with their tees, if you want them to fit slightly oversized/loose like their aesthetic, again, go TTS.  If you want a slightly slimmer fit then size down.  I'm a medium in every JE piece I own.  
If you actually add up the number of jackets in the pictures Drew posted, there's less than 50 there.  He said he wasn't able to grab all the jackets from the warehouse so there should be some more but even then, there's still A LOT of jackets unmade and unaccounted for.  We need more transparency.  There's so much unorganization.  With Charly not helping out and Drew spread thin from his other day to day business endeavors, this just makes things even worse.  It's no...
I see a stack of jackets but in no way do I believe they represent a majority of unfinished orders.   These are clearly jackets that have been mixed up in some regards. With customers waiting on Summer 2013 leathers, we're a far way off from completion.   To see that amount of jackets get thrown in a corner and forgotten about until drastic measures were taken, actually makes me more worried.  
My BMI high but Im muscular  
This 85% can't be right.  Summer 2013 leather orders still not done.  
85% done???   What month of production are we into in regards to leathers???   Please answer this.  Lot's are waiting on leathers.  
Maybe Drew thinks that if he keeps quiet long enough we'll go away.  
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