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Wish it was a size 41.
Looks like it fits you fine, the sleeves are a bit long but that's about it.   Just curious, where doesn't it quite fit you at?
Thanks for all the helpful replies in regards to sizing. Was considering buying one on the marketplace, that's why I asked.
I've been reading the last few pages, and need some clarification with regards to sizing. Just for reference, for a TOJ0, if I'm 5'8", 160 lbs, lean athletic build with a 40" chest and 32" waist, would you recommend a 48, or a 50?
All we can do is hope and prey.   Thank You Based Jawnz
Leather so soft    
Thank You Based Jawnz
I sincerely hope I receive a TOJ tote when my jacket is delivered.  It's my first TOJ and I made sure to ask Charly nicely.   It's a great functional item and a way to show support for the brand.  It's also cool because only certain style minded people would notice it.     I would seriously buy a TOJ tote bag otherwise if I had to. I could easily see TOJ as a small scale menswear line, - the wallets, different bags, apparel and outerwear...   Someone buy the business...
 There is one for sale on the marketplace with proper pictures http://www.styleforum.net/t/349768/new-toj-minimalist-double-rider-in-oxblood-calf-final-price-drop I've tried contacting the seller before, a few times, but got no replies.  
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