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 I don't get the dead mail thing.  Is it jackets that have been returned to sender or is he implying that jackets have been shipped out?
Zipped up, that MA-1 looks a lil tight on you.  Other than that, the leathers are spot on.  Very nice.  
Love Grailed.  Sold some, bought some.  New items constantly posted, check it multiple times a day.  Site has grown steadily in a short period of time, might even be better than styleforum marketplace, though not as curated.  I notice members cross posting their wares,  lot's of ToJ on there too.
 Good to see you actually got facetime with ToJ.  If you go again, please see if you can find out any other info.  Anything helps.
Seeing as my jacket is a ways off from being made, Im really looking forward to getting Drew's next update. What will he say? What won't he say? Should be a good one.
I'd be willing to chip in some money for some info and real answers.
We need some real answers. How hard is it for Drew to type out some real answers? or Charly could relay some real answers. Just need some answers, please.
Can someone please get in touch with Drew, Charly, "Uncle" - someone at ToJ to clearly answer some of our questions.   Whoever follows them on Instagram, has their email, can go to the restaurant, - please, these issues need to be addressed. Last update raised more questions than answers.  No one is getting jackets.  What is going on?
 Since Charly has access to the database, wouldn't he know how far along jacket production is?
New Posts  All Forums: