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After selling my Acne Oliver Leather Jacket, I don't have a calf leather in rotation anymore.  
Do you guys think the MDR is better in calf or lamb?
Thinking that MDR batch will be made next, hopefully.
Bomber or Biker?  
I too thought about changing my MDR order to a DR2013 after seeing the recent deliveries, but I'm holding off.I already have a DR style jacket that I love, a 3.1 Phillip Lim Motorcycle Jacket in Midnight Blue (Body) / Black (Sleeves) Lamb with blacked out hardware.Lot's of designers make a DR, the MDR tho is unique, the design is clean, stark, modern, yet classic.  I opted for the 4ZIP Lamb with bemberg lining and excella zippers.I think it says something that the MDR has...
Interesting that it was removed...Who runs the tumblr anyways?
That DR2013 is sick. Have a  4ZIP MDR on the way but now I don't know...   MDR or DR2013?
Didn't notice any MDRs either.  Hoping they make it in the next batch or so.
Good to see some jackets are going out, but now I'm questioning their quality assurance. In regards to Mothball's jacket, that's kinda fucked up.  Can't imagine waiting for more than a year to have my jacket delivered with mismatched zippers.  It may sound like a small detail, but it's not.  Don't even know if it's worth it to send it back and have fixed with the wait times.  Quite ridiculous.
New Posts  All Forums: