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holy shit
I said it before but maybe Drew got word of what Charly and Dan are doing, lost motivation and just threw his hands up. He's prob on vacation somewhere nice, eatin good.
So glad I got my jacket when he momentarily went back into production.   I thought momentum would keep up or even gain but once again it's fallen off and no communication from the great one.  
In for that grey option when it becomes available.   Did anyone else get another order confirmation email just now? I'm guessing our orders are going into production...
If Drew get's word of this new venture by Charly and Dan, I wonder if it affect his motivation to finish the queue.   What's crazy is that by the time Charly get's this new thing going, I bet you'll be able to get a jacket from him before Drew.
Riga underrated
Can't wait to hear more details and specifics.  I know that was a brief overview, but I'm looking forward to a more formal and long announcement as well as the affiliate thread and pics of products and styles to follow.  
Will these jackets also be manufactured in S. Korea?
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