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I'm just asking because I really love the ToJ tote, I use it almost daily and would like a backup just in case it get's worn down.  Hopefully my MDR order will have one.  
Just curious, for those getting jackets - did your deliveries come with a ToJ tote bag?
Sell it and buy this, lot's of positive recommendations from this thread  
At least he has room to grow or bulk into it.  Better being a lil bigger than smaller.
It's actually easier to navigate now.  Thanks for your work in getting it back up.  
Wonder if Drew will ever respond?   Seems like he's keeping mum and just letting the deliveries speak for themselves, even if they are sometimes messed up.
would like to see more leathers go out tho :(
Maybe Drew's taking his time reading all the comments and preparing a rebuttal.   Can't wait.
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