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I wonder if BLK DNM will make you a MTM piece if you actually go in store.  
One alternative that hasn't really been mentioned is BLK DNM.   Not MTM, but their fit, styles, and quality are pretty good.  Price is under $1000 too.  
The tan and black suede are nice, black calf looks good too. Can't decide between the chelsea and side zip tho.
Website just got relaunched, layout is actually beautiful and matches the aesthetic of the clothes.
Considering it's Feb 2015, and the queue is still in Summer 2013, Vibes are far from restored... But it's a good sign and brings hope that the orders continue.
Gonna pass on Meermin now with this price increase.  
I too noticed that prices are higher, and also now listed in $. Could it be due to the shaky status of the euro right now?
They don't pay the paypal fees anymore.  Recently sold something.
Hi Drew, can we have an update please?
New Posts  All Forums: