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 Hidden snaps on both lapels?
For those that have received their jackets or even Charly/Dan, can you please comment on the amount of veins that are present on the lamb jackets?  Trying to avoid the dreaded excess of veins that has plagued some of the ToJ jackets.  Would going Calf minimize this issue?
I did not.  Placed that order about a week after but within the cutoff date, so it should have been delivered this week too.I didn't bother to email Lian, I'm assuming it will be shipped with the next wave, this week or early next week.This time it will be for the black calf cropped jodhpur, which were a little above $200, so I may get charged fees but I'm hoping otherwise.
Got 1 of 2 pairs in today, tan suede cropped jodhpur.   Packaging is indeed incredible, almost ridiculous. Quality is great, stitching and all.   And for those wondering about sizing, I can also confirm that sizing down .5 from your foot measurement according to the guide posted SEF is ideal. Also, I was hit with $0 fees for custom, UPS delivered to NJ.  
I feel like this past month was quite a step up for him.  KTT really bought in more traffic and orders and I'm sure he's trying his best to stay on top of things.We are a few days past the expected delivery date but I will give him some leeway as he's still responsive and currently prepping things.
1 day ago chillin with the Editor in Chief of Huffington Post Korea https://instagram.com/p/7dBU1uBP9S/?taken-by=closer21
I called it man.  When Falcon was first announced, I questioned the effect it would have on Drew's motivation to continue making jackets.   And I predicted that Falcon supporters would get their jackets before Drew was even close to getting done.  I don't know what kind of operation he's running, but if Falcon can turn out so many jackets in this short time, what the fuck is holding him up?  It is truly lack of effort?  Lack of money?  How can he just go about his daily...
LA Guy kickin knowledge You gon' learn today
I did, along with tan.  Thought it would be a good look.  Anticipating both.  
This thread gonna be lit when cropped jodphurs are delivered.  Can't wait.  I hope he really pulls through on these.  
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