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Didn't notice any MDRs either.  Hoping they make it in the next batch or so.
Good to see some jackets are going out, but now I'm questioning their quality assurance. In regards to Mothball's jacket, that's kinda fucked up.  Can't imagine waiting for more than a year to have my jacket delivered with mismatched zippers.  It may sound like a small detail, but it's not.  Don't even know if it's worth it to send it back and have fixed with the wait times.  Quite ridiculous.
I think it's just a guesstimate.
A Challenger Appears Was that jacket recently delivered?
Guess my Oct order isn't coming anytime soon.  Damn, was hoping to wear it sometime this winter.  Hopefully it'll arrive before Spring get's here.
We need a hot Korean girl to infiltrate ToJ so we can get some real answers.
I'll wash dishes in the restaurant for a proper response and info on my jacket.
 I don't get the dead mail thing.  Is it jackets that have been returned to sender or is he implying that jackets have been shipped out?
Zipped up, that MA-1 looks a lil tight on you.  Other than that, the leathers are spot on.  Very nice.  
Love Grailed.  Sold some, bought some.  New items constantly posted, check it multiple times a day.  Site has grown steadily in a short period of time, might even be better than styleforum marketplace, though not as curated.  I notice members cross posting their wares,  lot's of ToJ on there too.
New Posts  All Forums: