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dat spreadsheet tho and all the emails, posts and refund requests puttin pressure on ToJ to emerge from the shadowy realm of Instagram   everytime he speaks it's like the gospel, can't wait for his address        
Updated the spreadsheet with my one order.   Really quite sad and pitiful that it has come to this, where we have to track our own products because of the lack of communication.  
Well, if he doesnt log on here, whats the best way to bring these issues to his attention?
 I don't think they're currently available, this one was from last season.  I've been on their site a lot recently and actually stopped by their newly opened store on Chestnut St, Philadelphia today.Their +J collab, Alex Prokhov collab, and Pure Blue Japan collection were all pretty cool, cooler than the WANG x H&M collab. I'm sure they will stock these henleys soon though as fall is already here. Other than that, basic henleys, I would recommend Club Monaco, JCrew, maybe...
So what is it? Long or short? Lol IMO, I think it's near perfect. Jacket is still brand new, needs time to break in a bit.
The sleeves were actually shortened from stock the seller said. I think it's just bunching up more visibly because of the henley but the length of it fine by me.
Meant to post this before. Purchased from ToJ Exhange Thread, practically brand new. ToJ A2 in Brown Lamb (Size 48ish) Uniqlo Henley 3Sixteen Shadow Selvedge Wolverine 1K Captoe Will post a fit pic of my Wool MA-1 later on.
MDR - 3ZIP or 4ZIP?
Would cop if I didn't have one on order that is nearing 1 year.
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