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What does it take to get some answers?   An investigative news crew showing up unexpectedly to confront the business owner?  
Just wanted to share the ToJ Oustanding Order List again for those that may be unaware or have missed it.   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MRajBxbJDZa1RPNwtqhDHhkxLBkQAnakmRRRH74cKNM/edit?usp=sharing   October '13 orders are stacked (my MDR included).
All Quiet on the Eastern Front
But I'm Vietnamese and I have that problem.
 That's what I was thinking.  My only slight concern is that with the dark grey, is your penis bulge (lol) more noticeable?  I mean, these are fitted sweatpants.  I know with regular sweatpants you can still kinda see it.  Any issues with that?  
Looking to pick up a pair of escobar sweatpants, for those with escobars, do you find yourself wearing grey more or black?   I'm leaning more towards dark grey but not sure which I would get more use out of.  Let me know.  Thanks.
Wonder what draft revision Drew is working on for the update.   Might be the most important ToJ announcement he ever made. We need some real answers and transparency.
I don't get the Instagram post of boxes with the caption that says, "on the left side: a few adult people who don’t know their own names and/or addresses." That's 7 packages/jackets, it's worrisome that names and addresses are not clarified.  Don't know if it has to do with people moving/change of address or just unorganization on behalf of ToJ, but that is troublesome.   And I'm not sure if we should be expecting a lengthy explanation.  Those 1 or 2 instagram posts may...
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