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Thanks for posting the instagram pics, please continue to do so whenever he updates it with anything relevant. I often check the tumblr for new info but don't follow him on instagram.
You just reminded me to do the same.  Haven't even used the fur yet since acquiring.  It's freakin cold.
I see what you mean.
Looks good, only thing I would question is the the sleeve length.  Not sure exactly where you want your sleeves to hit, but 25 may be too long?  Not sure.
So for someone that is around 5'8", what front/back length would you generally recommend for an ideal hit/fit?   I was recommended front 21.5, back 23.6 by Charly.  Sound good?
Was it your size?  but wrong model?  That's crazy.  Wonder where that got mixed up.
Anyone selling a black flash dualzip in medium?
dark grey escobar club though my girlfriend has been clowning me for buying them.  lol
Pics of the jacket please, and a fit pic would be a cool.
omfg, that dr2013.  why'd you have to go and post it again.   saw that on grailed, fit looks mtm on you.  what makeup is that in?  brown goat?
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