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McTavish on this casual Friday. This is the cognac color which is at the lighter end of the spectrum from others I have seen. Really appreciate this shoe for jeans and other casual wear.
Can you confirm a shortwing blucher is still in the works for this fall?
What Washington DC Allen Edmonds retail location do you prefer? I was wishing to try on a variety of lasts to really dial my size in across all available lasts. Would this be frowned upon if I have no intention of buying a pair that day? I will likely buy a shoe horn or something as a thank you for the fitting, but 1) I would most likely want to wait for a retail/Shoebank sale, and 2) I will have no room in my luggage for a shoe box. Just don't want to offend the...
Don't want to push any buttons due to the denial over the weekend, but is it still possible to MTO discontinued models? What about retailer exclusive models - the Clifton and 6th Avenue from Nordstrom for example. I think either a 6th Avenue or Sanford in shell would be awesome. Or the 6th Avenue in a casual leather - tan Dublin or Brown CXL - is what I envision. Just rambling here...
The 9 definitely won't fit. Your toes will be cramped, especially your pinky if I had to guess.
What role do you want them to play in your rotation. I consider my Cliftons one of my favorite pairs. I have walnut, but I really think chili would be a perfect color for this shoe. Will be trying to darken the walnut over time with some brown polish.
Really wish they offered the Kenwood in a narrow width...
Just to add my experience - I wear the same size in both the 5-65 and 108 last. Can find the original post, but someone was asking about the San Marco fit. I wear a .5 up from my 5-65 size. If you have a wide foot, you might consider going up in width as the tow box is pretty narrow. Works well for my narrow foot, but just something to keep in mind.
For my fellow narrow footed friends: Amazon has Merlot calf Graysons for $110 shipped. Very limited narrow sizes, but a crazy deal if your size is still left.
New Posts  All Forums: