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I was confused by your earlier picture because I didn't see any brass eyelets.Maybe the different stitching is part of the 2.0 changes that will roll out soon?
Some of those Road Warrior styles are awful. I have trouble understanding the target customer with those. People that like those slip on "loafer" shoes are not the ones that want to spend $300 on a dress shoe. Or even $200 for that matter.
Anyone notice on AllenEdmonds.com they charge shipping for orders less than $100? I know most orders will exceed $100, but it was always nice to pick up shoe laces, polish, etc. and not have to worry about shipping costs. Just an interesting change to their shipping policy.
Can Shoebank seconds be shipped back to any Allen Edmonds Retail store or does it have to be an outlet store?
Everyone should go on a spending hiatus from the Shoe Bank for 4-6 months. That should create a decent surplus and hopefully allow a shell sale to be needed.
Looks good! Any idea what last? I'm sure there are going to be some GMTOs of this shoe. We need walnut shell cordovan to come back and I'm in! Speaking of which - does anyone think walnut shell will ever be available in the somewhat near future? If they can source natural shell you would think they would be able to tan it to walnut.Edit: Just saw those are going to be part of the "comfort" line. Are these going to be GY welted or cemented? USA or DR made?
Brand new with tags. Price includes USPS Priority shipping with tracking.   Fabric has a sweater-knit face, fleece interior and heathered yarnsFull-zip vest with zip-through stand-up collar and zipper garageOffset shoulder seams for pack-wearing comfortZippered pockets: Vertical chest and two handwarmersMicro polyester jersey trims the armholes, hem and back of neckCan be worn with layers as outerwear or as a midlayer under a shellHip length
Strands with some Happy Socks today:
Haven't worn the Marlows in awhile. I need to wear them more often.
I tried it on in my 5-last size, but it was too wide. I have a narrow foot (B) though which can make loafers tough to size. The length was good, so unfortunately I don't think I could get away with going a .5 size down to make it fit width wise.Going to give the Patriot a try as I have heard it runs a bit narrow.I apologize if that information isn't helpful.
New Posts  All Forums: