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Went with the Cliftons today. I'm going to hit these with some Lexol and some light brown polish to darken them up some. They are a little too orangey for my tastes.
Can anyone help compare the 5-65 last and 7 last please in terms of fit? AE online chat recommended same width, but to size up .5 because the 5 last is shorter than the 5-65 last. Is this the consensus here? Thank you!
Might have missed a post, but where has Mac been?
Not sure about the Stewart, but I believe the Elgin has be discontinued.Anyone know how much AE for RL seconds go for normally through the Shoe Bank?
That was quick! Thank you. How often do you wear them and what's the care for them? Condition/cleaner? VSC?
Chris,Can you provide an updated picture of your Rush Streets? I'm interested in how the CXL has aged and if the wrinkles are very significant. Thank you.
Will AllenEdmonds.com price match another retailer (with a coupon code from the retailer as well)?
Can someone offer some advice on sizing the MacNeil compared to the 5-last? I take a B width in the 5 last. I have read the MacNeil is wider, so to size down one width. How about the length? EDIT: I see that the MacNeil is not offered in an A width. Same length as the 5 last or size down .5?
I think their phone started ringing off the hook after this post. I just called and they said they are not taking any phone orders due to limited staff and can't go search for what is available.
Is this real life? Wish I was a 9.5D, but sadly they would be too big.
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