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Thank you Mike. I expected that if they were available on the list, the styles/quantities would be much more limited compared to more common sizes/widths.Just trying to gauge how realistic picking up rare shades of shell would be, but one cannot predict that.How often does the Shoe Mart run a second's sale?
Does the Shoe Mart seconds list usually include C widths or is it normally just D and E widths? Mike, give me the answer I want to hear!
Well I'm looking to condition and shine (my hope was for one product to accomplish both goals).By Allen Edmonds conditioner, are you referring to the conditioner/cleaner?I was thinking about picking up some VSC, but I don't know of any place local that sells it, and most places online have a semi-steep shipping charge. Would 4 oz. of VSC last a decent amount of time?
Looking at picking up some Saphir cordovan cream to hydrate my Marlows. Should I go with the dark brown or neutral?
I'm a C width on the Barrie last. Would it be a wise decision to get a D width just because it's on sale?
Can anyone tell me what last the Alden for Brooks Brothers calf captoe blucher is on? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Captoe-Bluchers/136H________BK___07H__D___,default,pd.html?cmp=ppc_us_google_pla_P_P_M_PLA_Mens&gclid=CJv3rdSUiMICFepcMgodXnkATw Thank you in advance.
Brand new in box, first quality Brooks Brothers Captoe Bluchers in dark brown. Sizes 9.5D and 10D are available. These are manufactured by Alden exclusively for Brooks Brothers. Product description from Brooks Brothers: Meticulously handcrafted of imported calfskin leather. Welted. Quality design. Durable double-leather soles. Made in the USA. D width only. $225 + shipping via USPS (Priority), though all offers will be considered. Please PM if interested or you have...
Does anyone know how much commission SA's earn on a pair of shoes?
Anyone know what last the captoe is on? TTS or size down?
I called a couple outlet stores, and they seem to be all out of stock of the briefcase. A few navy messenger bags are still available.
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