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Price lowered to $375.
Price lowered to $375 with shipping included. Up for sale is a pair of brown cordovan Allen Edmonds Strand in size 9D. These are second quality, although they do not have any kind of seconds quality marking on the sole. I believe the the only "flaw" of this pair of shies is that there is some variation in color throughout the shoe (which is often typical of shell) and a slight difference in color between the two shoes. These have only been worn on concrete once. I...
Don't feel bad. My Marlows posted above are basically brand new. Worn just a handful of time trying to break them in. I haven't even worn them on pavement yet.Thank you.
Thank you gentlemen. I hope to make it to DC in the spring, but J.Crew will do for now.
Would anyone be interested in a basically (only worn on carpet) new pair of seconds quality brown cordovan Strands in size 9D? Want to see if anyone is interested before I send them back to AE. Please PM if interested. Bought at the shell sale price. Sorry if this is not allowed mods. Just want to give this thread a head's up before I post on Marketplace or just send them back to AE for a refund.
[[SPOILER]] Details on the mirror shine?Marlows today:
I don't have an Alden anywhere close to me. I'm trying to get my sizing down so I can get on a couple pre-order lists. Would the best way to go about this be to order the current calf offerings from J.Crew since they are on the Barrie last? I'm assuming Alden calf and shell will be consistent sizing? Would a retailer send me display shoes if I paid for them, and then they could refund me when I send them back?
Marlow Monday today. Walked over to the window to get some natural light on them.
All shoes sold.
I've got a 9D posted in the Marketplace. PM and we can discuss.
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