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What shoe would be wider/have more volume --- 8.5EEE or 9EE? Thank you.
They have 3 wears now.
Thank you. They are quickly becoming my favorite shoe. You would be a good person to ask: the shoes feel great in the morning, but by the afternoon my right pinky starts getting a little discomfort. Not painful, but just a little annoying. Anything I can do about this? I don't consider my feet to be wide, but my right pinky sure is stubborn. Maybe once the cork settles a bit?
Great day for Marlow Monday. Hope everyone has a fantastic week.
Up for sale is a pair of used, first quality Allen Edmonds McAllister in Bourbon, size 9D. Great shoe, but I recently purchased a pair of medium/dark brown cordovan shortwings, so I have no need for this shoe. I have had this pair for about a year, but with minimal wear on the v-tread sole. Comes with original box and shoe bags. Shoe trees are not included. Please refer to the pictures. $275 including shipping to the continental United States. All offers will be...
Thank you.Can anyone else chime in on the 8 last? Or more specifically the Clifton?
Even narrower than the 5 last? Wow. How about length?I normally have to size up in width on the 5 did to it being a balmoral. I shouldn't have as much trouble with a blucher (looking at getting the Clifton).
Any fit information on the 8 last? AE says that it is long/narrow. Can anyone compare it to the 5 last? Thank you in advance.
Should I swap out my black Park Avenues for brown Park Avenues? Just really don't have a huge use for black shoes aside from formal occasions a couple times a year. I could probably just wear the brown PA's at the same events that I would wear black PA's. Am I answering my own question?
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