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Fit from yesterday....working on my Picstitch game   Sorry for bad lighting on pics but the suit is a navy blue
 Dude...suit is way to big on you. And from what I can see, that watch should NOT be worn with a suit. Way to big faced....
Definitely go with the 40L...I initially bought a 42R for my first Napoli and when I bought my second, I decided to try 42L. Definitely drapes much better on and apparently Long sizes are slimmed more than the Regular cuts so there was less alterations to be done. When I pick up my suit from the Madison Ave store this Friday, I'll be sure to take pictures for fit differences
@kulata   awesome fit....are you Nigerian as well? If so, go supah eagles go!!!!
I was there yesterday. They have 36S 
 Thank you for the feedback RTC....I don't know why, but I can't get the TV fold for the life of me, even after watching several tutorials...wider tie definitely will help too!
Pardon the shameless bathroom selfie...   SS Navy Napoli       sorry for the shitty photo...just got this suit back from critiques (if any can be given)
 Not necessarily a miss, but a bit less than his best.
@clarinetplayer seeing your face definitely enhances your already magnificent fits....I think everyone should start posting photos with their faces in it, it definitely helps with completenes!
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