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Posts by The Phog This was the thread I was referring to. Seems like it was controversial at the time.
What about the black suit thread?
The expansion of my collection continues. Added Bowmore 12 because my Laphroaig QC has become my favorite and I needed another Islay.
Added Glen Garioch Founder's Reserve and Ardmore Traditional Cask to my collection tonight.
Got into Scotch recently, and this thread has been a huge help. I now have a small collection that includes Aberlour A'Bunadh, Highland Park 12, Cragganmore 12, and just today added Laphroaig Quarter Cask.
I don't normally like loafers, but those look great.
Is that the Formosa tux?
I believe the FCS just added teams to make it a 24 team playoff, with the top 8 getting a first round bye.
After hearing so much about Hendricks, I found it to be a bit of a letdown. I enjoyed it, but not as much as Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray Rangpur.
Fentiman's was definitely a step up from Q. Made for the best gin and tonic I've ever had. Glad to finally have found it in stores.
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