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@Andrew Ryan. Is MTM 'Made to Measure' just as a general term? 
I'm here to learn and to draw inspiration... My cousin's wedding yesterday. 
Hey! I'm looking for some quick feedback on my attire for this weekend. Unfortunately I do not have a picture, because my suit is at home with my parents in the country side, and I now live far away to attend law school in the city.    I'm going to my cousins wedding this saturday. I'm planning to wear my black suit I wore for my sort-of-college galla. I wanted to wear a navy one, but I don't really have the money since I don't work but study.    Anyways paired...
Hello everyone on SF!   I literally just discovered this forum today (lucky me!).   Anyways, my name is Rasmus. I'm a 20 y/o male  from Denmark (Scandinavia - Northern Europe).  I just started Law School.  I LOVE listening to music.  I have a passion for suits.. And shirts.. And ties.. And watches. Relatively 'fancy' clothing I suppose.    Being a student I don't often wear suits. My attire is more business casual (jeans/chino with a shirt and a...
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