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Not feeling the orange either.I'd say it's pretty much unwearable for 99% of folks and even if you could pull it off you'd only ever be able to wear it once in a blue moon. Any more and you'd forever be known as 'that bloke in the orange duffle'.
Cons X Cabourn Ventile Chucks
A few new bits from Vulpine. Oliver Spencer X blazer looks interesting.   New Acronym SS14 Also using Epic on a couple of pieces.
Yeah I think pricing has been getting more unrealistic year on year.Costs won't have increased inline with those prices so most likely they're maximising profit by taking advantage of the brand's growing popularity and charging as much as they think they can get away with. It's possible they're also trying to realign themselves in the marketplace and appear more upmarket/.distance themselves from the competition.As you rightly say there are the wealthy to which price isn't...
What's strange? A difference of opinion? In your close up although the overstitching is slightly pissed it wouldn't bother me but the gap between the top stop and tape end athetically looks bad .However for me the problems are more visable in the full length shot I posted. It's uneven. You can clearly see the stress on the taping fabric where it's wider at the top than the bottom. There also look to be signs of buckling on tape and elements midway.Now this shouldn't affect...
Good spot Eric.This Q210 was the first to pop up on my google search and this is available on ebay but there appear to be quite a few variations 207 etc (maybe size?) plus some without hoods. To my eye the zips sit and look so much better on the original pieces. Although no doubt deliberate, the Cabourn version looks like the zip was accidentally attached to the wrong side of the jacket!
I quite like the asymmetrical zip. For me it's the exposed contast taping and the way it doesn't run quite all the way up and down. Also looking at all the various product shots, they all look uneven and poorly finished. Perhaps due to the fact that riri was designed to run vertically and placed on the inside of the jacket? As I mentioned before, I think it's a shame as I really want to like that jacket. It's almost identical to a some really nice Paul Smith jackets from...
Really want to like the Canadian jacket but the zip spoils it for me.  
I wouldn't want to provoke a paintball/shuriken/pokemon attack and I presume countersurveillance measures would be deployed but I'll do my best.
'Multi-environment reconnaissance stealth operations' mean Walts often don those hues when popping down the corner shop for milk and a paper!For me it's more the styling/concept than colour thing. No doubt some folks can pull it off without looking like a Walt but I think it's a very fine line. 
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