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Looks cosmetic to me and I'd be happy with them but if you're not then return them and buy a pair at full price
@tim v I think those 2011 versions were among his best produced but generally I don't think you can go wrong with a Mallory. For me the RAF was the pick of last season but if you find a make up that complements your wardrobe/style I reckon you'll be happy regardless of the version.    Happy hunting!
Very different back then. Dog track and disabled cars around the pitch. Later on the electric fence that wasn't.. Now they have people paid to wave flags and even considered using an artificial crowd soundtrack to create an atmosphere.
Yep. A few folks managed to completely fuck up a really good thing.
That's a serious amount of wax. Forget waterproof...you can go into space with that coat!
IME Fracap and Diemme are both decent.It's also worth checking out Hanwag double-stitched. I prefer them to my Viberg Hikers and they were less than half the price. If you have to walk on ice then check out the versions with Ice Grip soles.
For those who may want to try the same a regular 40 degree wash will remove the wax. If you prefer the resulting unwaxed finish then you can instead proof with Grangers or Nikwax. Both have non wax proofers which will improve weather and stain resistance. Not actually waterproof like wax but unlike wax it will breathe properly.  If your wax jacket is clean but you wish to remove crease marks then applying heat will do the trick. Generally I use a hairdryer but you can use...
I've heard good things about those guys but to be honest reproofing is a doddle to do at home so any of the professional services is bound to do a good job.Beeswax jackets can also go in the washing machine with no ill effects. Whereas wet cleaning a Thornproof type wax jacket is a bloody nightmare. Wax Jackets Cleaned did a great job on my Barbour's and AFAIK are the only people who will actually wash that type of jacket  but it was pricey.  
@patrick_b I think they look loads better with dubbin. Great job.
 I haven't been all that impressed with Cabourn lately. Bar a couple of pieces, I think his collections have been getting a bit stale but I reckon AW15 may well be a winner. Plus it looks like there will be Anoraks. Can never have too many Anoraks. 
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