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Manufactum  tweed and Linen now a bit cheaper.
Glad it worked out. Sounds like the DWR did it's job. You may want to check it's still beading in that area. Not sure which type of dishwashing soap you used but often anything stronger than pure soak flakes/ Nikwax tech wash/Grangers 30°  etc will remove the DWR. In which case you may want to reproof with Grangers XT.
As new I wouldn't of touched them with a bargepole but now I reckon they are among the best posted. Great work Boston. Really lovely boots.
Really good deal. Just as well it's too big for me. Otherwise I'd be trying to explain to my wife why I'd spent more money "another jacket that look's exactly like all my other jackets"..
Looks cosmetic to me and I'd be happy with them but if you're not then return them and buy a pair at full price
@tim v I think those 2011 versions were among his best produced but generally I don't think you can go wrong with a Mallory. For me the RAF was the pick of last season but if you find a make up that complements your wardrobe/style I reckon you'll be happy regardless of the version.    Happy hunting!
Very different back then. Dog track and disabled cars around the pitch. Later on the electric fence that wasn't.. Now they have people paid to wave flags and even considered using an artificial crowd soundtrack to create an atmosphere.
Yep. A few folks managed to completely fuck up a really good thing.
That's a serious amount of wax. Forget can go into space with that coat!
IME Fracap and Diemme are both decent.It's also worth checking out Hanwag double-stitched. I prefer them to my Viberg Hikers and they were less than half the price. If you have to walk on ice then check out the versions with Ice Grip soles.
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