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Yep. So good. Just trying to decide which to go for.
McNAIR Mountain Shirts.
C&J Snowdon's paired with Woolpower socks would do the trick. Cheaney Fiennes are also decent.
Frosty car windows but not a proper ground frost.....and I thought it was us Southeners that were meant to be the soft Jesse's...   Migsy,the fit looks really good and don't worry about how light it feels. Pretty much everyone comments on that when they try a decent down jacket for the first time.  Also the Ventile used on the Everest is lighter than the stuff you are used to on the Camerman etc. An odd choice IMO as a heavier cloth would have been more effective and...
I regret missing out on this one. IRL it looks better with the fur trim removed.
Canada Goose look fckn terrible. They also use pretty average quality down and weigh a bloody ton. If you're after cheaper and more usable option than an Everest  then I'd consider something like a Fjallraven. The Down No 16 is a great jacket. High quality European down, half the weight of a CG and you won't look like a walking billboard or Alaskan oil worker. The Haglofs 19Fourteen Floda down is also very decent. It has a slimmer non Bibendum fit and a Goretex shell to...
The beeswax has been purposely distressed but I think smooth looks much better.  With the glut of recent models I presume Barbour now sell beeswax but if not Greenland wax gives a nice finish and is really easy to apply with a hairdryer. Odd how those tops are different sizes. I didn't measure the Old Bill jacket I sent back but I reckon it was TTS for a medium. Guessing around 22" p2p. Do your tops look like they are made by adidas or Barbour?
The Everest is rated to be comfortable at -40° and it's made by PHD who make the worlds best expedition down clothing and sleeping bags. In that field no other company comes close. Their skill and experience combined with the Cabourn design, historic details and quality materials make for an amazing coat. However, and I'm sure many on here will disagree, but in my humble opinion it's pretty much useless for the UK. It's just too wet and warm in this country to get the best...
Works fine for me.
Private White VC x Inis Meáin
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