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Yeah, I clocked that the other night. Show looks good too.
Green Angle Tokyo
I also bought a grey bench coat. I've had my eye on one for a while.
I had terrible problems with Coggles pre-takeover over a return and thought they couldn't get any worse.   Seems I was wrong..
Nice one. I've looked at that jacket so many times, it's really lovely but don't think I could pull it off. You'll definitely do it justice. Looking forward to seeing your fit.
Good one. You're a funny guy.
3 zips! That's mental. They are YKK's no? Which model? I've never had any problem with my Goretex Norrona stuff and it's been properly abused . At the moment I have on rotation 2 Lofotens, a Trollvegan and a Rodal and the build quality is excellent on all. Easily comparable to my Veilance Field, Alpha SV and LEAF ParkaFor sure.
Not true. Forget any marketing blurb you may have read, Veilance products true R&D costs are a tiny fraction of Arcteryx R&D. The mainline and LEAF stuff is designed, developed, bench and field tested for a full range of movement and protection in the most extreme climates and  terrain. It's the same company and design team so Veilance products obviously share many designs learned/developed from mainline and spreading R&D costs may be a useful way of managing taxes but...
@False   The Insulated field jacket is an excellent 'fashion' shell for cold weather, if you like the look and willing to pay then I'd say go for it. It's a great jacket. If you want the same functionality of an insulated pro-shell then it's worth considering some of Norrona's parkas. They are more realistically priced, the quality is on par with Veilance and they generally use primaloft which many believe is more hardwearing and keeps it's loft better than Arcteryx...
"Shit quality" is probably harsh but I think it is fair to say the quality is pretty average and definitely overpriced at full retail. It will be interesting to see how they perform after the recent changes. One of the drawbacks of 'technical fashion clothing' is the pricing. All the brands overcharge to a varying extent, it's a major part of their marketing strategy which also sets them apart from  outdoor specific stuff which in many cases will be of a better quality and...
New Posts  All Forums: