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What's the hype with Black Watch and Black Watch-esque shirts right now? Seems no retailer can stock enough to keep up with demand.
TK Maxx may be worth a look.
Hardshells have different fits depending on the activity they are designed for and if meant to be worn with/without middle layer/insulation. SV is a bit roomy for fashion IMO so probably better choosing a Trim Fit jacket but if it's for 'outdoors' I'd suggest going TTS.Arc'teryx website has details and their customer services are also really good if you need measurements.
Yeah. Thanks for posting MOK. "..because there’s nothing that is really good value in my range."  Really stuck out for me. I mean, I'm sure most agree the pricing is nuts these days and it irks a little but I do admire his honesty. Mind you if production costs really are so high that he's making no money at wholesale then at least I can console myself that when I buy it at -50/-60% end of season then it must be slightly better value. Or am I kidding myself? Either way you...
With Greenland it will be fine unlined. Just feel a bit stiffer. If you are worried try it out on a cheap item with a similar cloth and if you decide to go ahead try it on a small section first. I have played about waxing loads of cotton and polycotton clothing using Thornproof, Greenland, Belstaff wax and also proofing with Grangers, Fabsil, Nikwax etc. To start with I tried it out on army surplus, outdoorsy stuff and older pieces that weren't getting much wear. Although...
If waxing for the first time I would suggest using Fjallraven Greenland wax. Really simple to apply, not messy and you can apply in layers if you want more/less coverage in particular areas. Also it has a lighter finish, doesn't have that residue you get with thornproof and can be washed out more easily if you're not happy with the result.
I was also told that in the future some of Veilances production will be moving to China, Bangladesh etc. Not that I have a problem with that quality wise as the mainline and LEAF stuff manufactured overseas is of the same quality the stuff that comes out of Canada but it irks knowing those pieces cost bugger all to manufacture but are priced as Made in Canada pieces.
Simon Guernsey looks really nice. Anyone know how camel hair feels and does it hold up OK?
 They'll end up in TK Maxx.
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