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I like it a lot but pricing is once again nuts. £165 for a moody looking T shirt but less for the Button Down..   I've been waiting for a collarless shirt. Was really hoping for a Cabournised British WW1 Greyback but stripes will do.  The smock is a definite for me but I'll be waiting to see if other colours are released. Formal trousers look decent. Tropics coat lovely. Linen Camerman sounds promising. Zip parka, for me, could have been great but ruined by the zip!...
Also in Royal Blue. Prefer the charcoal though. SS15 Press Lookbook here
That double layer Ventile Parka is quality.
That sinking feeling, when reading Styleforum and realising EG has become the new Banana Republic/J Crew..
@msg I think the fit is decent. Absolute steal at that price too.
 Have a look at  Finisterre
I hope to get over there at some point. They have most of Hillary's expedition stuff including the Everest anorak
Yeah the Cabourn tribute parka is based on an item Hillary wore for the British Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Nothing to do with Everest. It was an expedition to the South Pole using mechanical means (Click for film).The real Aquascutum Wyncol Everest jacket I referred to was designed specifically for the British 1953 Everest ascent and worn over nylon/down jacket and trousers as shown here:       Not sure which photos you refer to, I'd like to see them if you...
Good interview.  "Visvim is sort of niche, but then he makes it all in China and charges the earth for it. I’m sorry but I don’t see how you can charge £1,000 for a pair of shoes made in China."  Trusay Nige. I'm glad he said Hillary's Everest parka wasn't red. Nigel probably should have also mentioned it wasn't made of ventile or even a parka! It was actually a traditional blue anorak (pullover shell) with a kangaroo pocket made by Aquascutum out of Wyncol D711, a...
Manufactum  tweed and Linen now a bit cheaper.
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