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How about Maharishi ?2032  and 2072 nanos are decent. Acronym. May not be the cut you are after but P10 epic are really nice.
There are loads of different types but most haberdasheries will stock a selection.
Content is legit. Good people and stock some really nice pieces.
Yeah my Alphas have them. They do the job and are alright-ish on black jackets but look really bad on other colours.
Yeah the hem is high which will mean a wet arse when it rains but I guess thats the trade off if you want that look. From a users POV I actually think self fabric bonded with a high stich rate is currently the best option for velcro cuff closures although it will be interesting to see how Isaoras new Star Trek sounding 'Ultrasonic welding fusion method' holds up and whether it's better than traditional stitch and tape construction for all the seams.Generally I've found...
Looks good Eric. Hope mine is waiting for me when I get home.
New Isaora Rainwear and SURFOWRD  Also Ghostly shirt on sale
I think it will be stocked by Haglöfs main dealers alongside their mainline. Just to add. The 19Fourteen collection is a nod to their past and 100 year history so many of the pieces have a retro look but with tech fabrics and manufacturing. There was also really nice take on a fishtail and a lovely pertex down jacket with 2 field jacket type chest pockets. All really well tailored and slim fitting.
Apologies for a non NC question but I thought I may get a better response here.   Does anyone own a Trakke Harris tweed bag? I have a Ventile OG which is great for the hills but I'm thinking of getting the Wee Lug for day/work and wondered how the tweed finish holds up after longterm use.
Probably appealling more to us Brits and Scandinavian/European cousins but I recently got to see the upcoming Haglöfs 19Fourteen collection.   Some really nice pieces, the standout for me being the Lima Q parka.   Seriously tough 300D faced 3L pro-shell. I forgot to ask the weight but it was suprisingly light and soft for such a hardwearing material, my guess would be around 900g. Subdued logos, slim fit, excellent articulation, impeccably finished and fully spec'd with...
New Posts  All Forums: