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I was also told that in the future some of Veilances production will be moving to China, Bangladesh etc. Not that I have a problem with that quality wise as the mainline and LEAF stuff manufactured overseas is of the same quality the stuff that comes out of Canada but it irks knowing those pieces cost bugger all to manufacture but are priced as Made in Canada pieces.
Simon Guernsey looks really nice. Anyone know how camel hair feels and does it hold up OK?
 They'll end up in TK Maxx.
Like that a lot. One of the nicest colours ever made IMO.
Not sure where it goes but give them a call. I've found them to be very helpful. They've also located sold out pieces for me.
Picked up a couple of pairs of Cons x NC plimsoles from Footpatrol sale. £25 each. Touch.
Burlington Arcade.
Nice. The boots are also worth looking at. Made by Cheaney.
The Neo-Heritage branding is jarring and their marketing tacky as fck but their clothes are actually decent and MIE.
New season Barbour at End plus last knockings of the sale.
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