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Nice boots but contrived watch shot is really grim.
 George Mallory A/W 1914    
That navy Parka they did a version of each season was lovely. Late 90's was an interesting time. Howell, 6876, YMC all doing great British stuff. Nike back then actually made decent quality trainers. 95's and 97's were so good at the time.Good European bits from Jil Sander and MMM before it went Euroshit. Prada pretty much inventing the tech thing with Prada Sport using Goretex, Windstopper. Plus Teflon coating clothing with 4 way stretch.  Mandarina Duck with great fits,...
 Wouldn't it. An RAF WW2 OR shirt would also be nice and slot into the collection nicely. Any of you chaps that speak to Nigel or Drew 'Av a word eh!
Maybe stuff really is being made in the Vis factory...
Think I still have one of those tucked away. Also a couple of 6876 ventiles and a Rohan collab made from Barricade.
I like it a lot but pricing is once again nuts. £165 for a moody looking T shirt but less for the Button Down..   I've been waiting for a collarless shirt. Was really hoping for a Cabournised British WW1 Greyback but stripes will do.  The smock is a definite for me but I'll be waiting to see if other colours are released. Formal trousers look decent. Tropics coat lovely. Linen Camerman sounds promising. Zip parka, for me, could have been great but ruined by the zip!...
Also in Royal Blue. Prefer the charcoal though. SS15 Press Lookbook here
That double layer Ventile Parka is quality.
That sinking feeling, when reading Styleforum and realising EG has become the new Banana Republic/J Crew..
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