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The Emperor's new sweatshirt.
Black Rabbit  Tranche I      
Man of Kent A/W 2012  
"Internal Pocket, with External Fastenings" don't grow on trees ya know..
@ike_hiking_boots Yeah I've got the book it's excellent. Also quite a few original pieces safely tucked away.   Regarding MHL and mainline. Yourself and MOK have described the differences perfectly but I think those on here who compare "quality" are perhaps missing the point of Margaret Howell, her designs and the 2 brands aesthetics. I also suspect they may be confusing quality of construction (both are decent) with more expensive fabrics and extra detailing found on...
Edgar Evans A/W 1911  
Loved Paul Smith back then but the tiny shop on Avery Row was the place to go as they had lots of one off shirts. I remember one Saturday before a home match 5 of us turning up early doors for a sale. That way we had time to go home, chuck it on and get to the game. We actually got there before the shop opened and when it did Paul Smith was in there. He seemed pretty baffled a bunch of ypung teenage football fans were buying his stuff  but was really chatty and it turned...
Suffolk Fisherman A/W 1887  
Isambard Kingdom Brunel A/W 1857  
I also prefer the darker looking Ventile. As an aside, is it just me or is End's styling even worse than usual?
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