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Start at Trickers shop on Jermyn St. and see how far you can make it up the road before your credit card melts!
Nothing really caught my eye but I bought another pair of Cons to put away until the first ones get battered. Few bits on sale at End and Superdenim too.
Lots of shit being talked about Elms. Fair enough his radio show is not everyone's cup of tea but you can't hold a  3 hour daily daytime Radio London Show spanning 3 decades if your'e shit at your job. It just doesn't happen.Over the years I've met him at various do's plus up and down the country with Rangers and he's always come accross as a genuinely interesting fella and a proper gent. I reckon if you lot met him in the real world instead of hiding behind your keyboards...
John Lewis Ventile work jacket is really nice but I slept and they sold out in my size.   They also do a very decent mac and a collared bomber. All really well priced and MIE.   Heritage Research (RIP) used to do some nice Ventile bits which sometimes turn up on the bay. Also John Boultbee for Brooks but the pricing was insane.   Also worth looking out for Epic cotton. Personally I think it's a nicer fabric. More waterproof than ventile but just as breathable and...
Haglöfs upcoming 19Fourteen collection is really good. Mentioned it on it a while back on the Tech thread
Cool. Let us know how you get on with them. Due to a rainy and fairly miserable spring here in Blighty I've been giving my Vulpine Epics a fair bit of wear. Cut and finished really nicely. With excellent articulation designed for cycling I've yet to miss the lack of stretch even when out on the hills, jumping stiles, climbing boulders etc.  Also in Epic, dropped this week... J28-E
I'd also add Old Town to that list.
Nice one. Looks good.
Yep. Looks like he mopped up the Marrkt sale to rinse on the bay.
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