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Meh  @Phil McCrackin Love that camo but I'm guessing made in China?
Old. My memory may be playing tricks but I think I remember that from mid 80's
That Cameraman is an abomination.   Fred Perry and other bits on Manufactum Germany also worth a butchers.
Don Letts S/S 1976  
The Emperor's new sweatshirt.
Black Rabbit  Tranche I      
Man of Kent A/W 2012  
"Internal Pocket, with External Fastenings" don't grow on trees ya know..
@ike_hiking_boots Yeah I've got the book it's excellent. Also quite a few original pieces safely tucked away.   Regarding MHL and mainline. Yourself and MOK have described the differences perfectly but I think those on here who compare "quality" are perhaps missing the point of Margaret Howell, her designs and the 2 brands aesthetics. I also suspect they may be confusing quality of construction (both are decent) with more expensive fabrics and extra detailing found on...
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