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Tricker's for Engineered Garments A/W 2015  
Yep the first George Lowe jumper looks great.   However the Lewis Crew looks like something C&A turned out in the 80's...
The NC one is rubbish for sure but I'm not having that. Bobble hats can be alright but it's a case of go big or go home.
I ordered the smock when it dropped last week. I'm a sucker for anoraks. Having regrets now as it's blatantly overpriced and there will no doubt be loads knocking around for half price in the sales. Still I can always back it and get one then. Hats look a bit Teletubbies to me.
It's not Barbour. Looks like a Lavenham x Casely Hayford.
The majority of my outerwear is sized down 1 but check the MH website. It has accurate garment measurements. 
I wear size 9 in WL 107F Field Boots and Trickers 4497.
If you want the same finish then use Fjallraven Greenland Wax.
Ding Dong...
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