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Anyone know details on the Fred Perry stuff? Where it's made, materials etc   Or is it just another branding excercise?
Best not to base judgment on how Craig wears it in the movie. He wore a size too small for the more static shots and then his regular size for the action stuff. I'm told he could barely move, let alone do it up properly in the smaller one. He must ahve kept or bought a larger jacket because I've seen him out and about in it locally.
After posting something on another thread I realised I've not seen any Christopher Raeburn on SF.   Is it down to lack of awareness or stockists in the States or is his stuff just too British for SFers?
Christopher Raeburn Sale Also reductions at Matches   Smock jacket and shorts are so good.
Like this but for 26°C ?
Dude said he was travelling, not paintballing or shooting up a high school. Style is obviously subjective but from  "My usual style is casual, maybe leaning towards the mod style a bit." I would suggest it's worth checking out Rohan. Ignore the dodgy website and styling. It's top quality technical clothing and the choice of many a seasoned proffessional traveller. Weight, pack size and drying time are stated for each piece and quality/durability is top notch. Tech with a...
 They were comfy from the off and I've worn them a fair bit with no problems. Then again, some of my mates said their Bosey's weren't great but I thought they were also pretty comfortable as far as Cons go.
Start at Trickers shop on Jermyn St. and see how far you can make it up the road before your credit card melts!
Nothing really caught my eye but I bought another pair of Cons to put away until the first ones get battered. Few bits on sale at End and Superdenim too.
Lots of shit being talked about Elms. Fair enough his radio show is not everyone's cup of tea but you can't hold a  3 hour daily daytime Radio London Show spanning 3 decades if your'e shit at your job. It just doesn't happen.Over the years I've met him at various do's plus up and down the country with Rangers and he's always come accross as a genuinely interesting fella and a proper gent. I reckon if you lot met him in the real world instead of hiding behind your keyboards...
New Posts  All Forums: