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Is that the same Karrimor owned by Mike Ashley that knocks out cheap shit from sportsdirect?  Obviously back in the day Karrimor had a few cool outdoors and military products but Ashley turned it to shit with his cheap slave labour pile it high made tat.WTF is Nigel playing at? Big tax bill to pay or just being greedy? Next thing he'll be designing for George at ASDA.
Tricker's for Engineered Garments A/W 2015  
Yep the first George Lowe jumper looks great.   However the Lewis Crew looks like something C&A turned out in the 80's...
The NC one is rubbish for sure but I'm not having that. Bobble hats can be alright but it's a case of go big or go home.
I ordered the smock when it dropped last week. I'm a sucker for anoraks. Having regrets now as it's blatantly overpriced and there will no doubt be loads knocking around for half price in the sales. Still I can always back it and get one then. Hats look a bit Teletubbies to me.
It's not Barbour. Looks like a Lavenham x Casely Hayford.
The majority of my outerwear is sized down 1 but check the MH website. It has accurate garment measurements. 
I wear size 9 in WL 107F Field Boots and Trickers 4497.
If you want the same finish then use Fjallraven Greenland Wax.
Ding Dong...
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