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Private White VC x Inis Meáin
Free shipping at End until the 19th 20% off at Albam GRAZIA2014 20% off plus free shipping at Nemen
Adiwick looks much better against that background but I'm not feeling the distressed finish. Mind you, it will most likely hit 40-50% off in the sales and rewaxing isn't difficult...   Also not sure if this is of interest but  Nemen have everything at 20% off this week plus free delivery. Tempted to take a punt on a hooded overshirt to layer under Barbour/Fjallraven/Camerman.
42? That's Lilliputian sizing.
No the boot looked awful.  I meant the black jacket. Mine turned up this afternoon but it's already on it's way back. It seemed really well made but the branding and clear map pocket looked tacky. Fit was nice, I'd say TTS but I looked like Met Armed Response in it. Not a good look.   Unless it's seriously limited numbers I reckon there will be loads left come the sales.As I said in the earlier post, I think I'll regret passing on the TS but couldn't get over those mid...
Bit of a let down. Sales fodder IMO.
After a lively evening I got caught up in the moment and ordered a GSGNein.  Hasn't arrived yet but I've a feeling it'll look proper 'Special Forces Airsoft Walt' in the flesh. Drink and late night internet shopping is rarely a good mix. Columbia's look like Sportsdirect/JJB/Northern Casual's fodder. ZX555 look half decent but I already have enough ZX's sitting in boxes collecting dust. TS are easily pick of the bunch but the Oregon mid sole ruined them for me...Although I...
Aside from the Tech labels usually listed in this thread I'd say it's worth checking out the Norse Neoshell. Costs a little more than the Isaora but it's a cracking winter parka.     Or if you can stretch to it Nemen make some really nice stuff.       Haglofs 19FOURTEEN parkas are also worth looking at. Excellent build quality and should last years of heavy wear.
I'm not a fan of Cordovan country boots but this make up is great. Lovely boots and I'm sure they'll look absolutely stunning with some proper wear. Looking forward to seeing some more shots further down the line.
Pretty much every UK stockist which carries Dept(B) has it. Just google Beacon sports tweed Jacket  
New Posts  All Forums: