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Good shout Zissou. You are 'King of the Knits' so I may well be wrong but it doesn't feel like an Esk to me. Also I'd have thought the price is too low to be made by them.
Thanks for the reply Eric but the label on mine says Made in Scotland. My original guess was Jamieson's but their labels say Made in Shetland Isles, Scotland. 
Anyone know who makes the Fair Isle for Cabourn?
Check out James Taylor & Son in Marylebone
I like those Cheaney's a lot. C&J may also be worth a look. They make some fabulous boots.
Good to know. PHD still make the worlds best down expedition bags and clothing. Nothing else comes close IMO.
Eric, is it still made by PHD?
My guess would be a Fidelity CPO shirt.
Free shipping codes every now and then and usually further % on last knockings of sales but unless you know someone they are rare.
New Posts  All Forums: