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But I do like 4 the most then 2 then 1....the blue would look great with white trousers,  Have it made up with white buttons and you'll be styling and be sure to wear white bucks
Here are some ideas for you          
They should fit perfectly and you shouldn't even need a belt other than for looks
Some good comment above.  I agree that the sleeves are probably 1 1/5 2" too long.  Get them taken in to the break of your wrist.  Usually you want the sleeves to be 4.5" - 4: from the tip of your thumb.    You ned to have a sway back adjustment to help correct the lower back area.  Also need to note prominent seat if thats what you have.  It's nor easy to tell exactly looking at pictures.  These note should be given with any made to measure order submitted by your...
You should be measured completely around your chest and overarm. You're right whom you say, "ideally your chest should be larger than your back". Many times one needs more room in the back than the chest so the half back would need to be increased. For example, a man may measure 44 in the chest measurement but he may not really have much of a chest at all and a lot of that measurement comes from the back. Hopefully that makes sense. A good tailor or someone who knows how...
Dormeuil is without question some of the best cloth in the world.  The selection is extremely diverse in both sport coat fabrics and suitings.  The have both conservative and very fashion forward fabrics s other can appeal to many.   Here is an interview on video with Luke Mays who is head of sales for North America discussing some of their latest fabrics. Click HERE
I've been a haberdasher for 20 years selling custom made clothing to men throughout the U.S. and you sure can make a living at this business.  You just ned to find someone willing to teach you the business and you MUST be a good salesman and willing to do a lot of cold calling and take a lot of rejection for the first 2-5 years. If you go to work for one of the large companies they'll work your ass off and you will not make much money compared to being on your own. Good...
Yeah tha could very well be a full windsor.  Check this video out here showing how to tie a Windsor.  There are videos showing other knots as well on the site.
No problem...I'm in Columbus Ohio and have clients throughout the state so if I can be of help in anyway please let me know.   Sean McKee   Sean Mckee Clothiers
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