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Sorry missed one of your posts. I thought you were asking about the poor mans equivalent to the Rolex Submariner
Possibly this Seiko Diver? I really like this as a casual 'sports' watch.
Pretty loud socks. Shoes have hints of deep red/orange (photo doesn't quite show the true colour of course). Was tempted to go with a navy or racing green but felt like doing something different.    
Big fan of this Swatch Irony. This is what prompted my hunt for a vintage Speedmaster.   Bought this in Singapore, 2005 as a beater whilst travelling - 60 USD    
My late father bought me this watch when I was 15 years old for about 150 pounds. It came with mixed rubber diving straps in some pretty interesting colours! As my tastes changed I've opted for a classic brown strap with a butterfly clasp. I have a thing (bordering on obsessive) for matching brown with tones (not tonnes!) of gold, which I think probably comes from a love of this watch.   Manufacturer : Stendardo (Italian brand no longer in business) Model  : Immersion...
Having almost twisted myself in a knot trying to find the best fit on the suit supply website (I have short legs, wide shoulders and a narrow waist), I've decided to go made to measure.   Would much rather spend more money on a classic suit like a navy or grey and have it look extra special. I am aware that this is a slippery slope ending with an inability to tolerate otr suits!   I've created a list of ideas I would like to incorporate:   - peak lapels - slanted...
just had a lightening bolt moment!   Found an old T.M Lewin herringbone 2 button with notched lapel in navy blue. Bought it when I first started working in London. It's a BOAT, but I'm confident my tailor can completely transform this into something contemporary. Needs every conceivable measurement adjusted but will be cheaper than buying a new suit and I'm really in to having old clothes re-designed by my tailor. Especially when the material has that awesome vintage...
What I'm taking away from this is that some people don't like peak lapels, BUT they do help elongate the torso. However this does not necessarily mean a notch lapel will work against me, as long as it is not too skinny?   DB jackets could make me look shorter by not allowing the shirt and tie to break up and elongate my torso?
Guys, what are your thoughts on these then:   notch lapels in blue and grey   http://eu.suitsupply.com/suits/suit-grey-plain-sienna-p3399/P3399,en,pd.html?start=36&cgid=Suits&prefn1=fitID&prefv1=Notch%20Lapel&prefn2=color&prefv2=Blue%7cGrey   http://eu.suitsupply.com/suits/suit-blue-plain-sevilla-p3476/P3476,en,pd.html?start=38&cgid=Suits&prefn1=fitID&prefv1=Notch%20Lapel&prefn2=color&prefv2=Blue%7cGrey   peak in...
   I hadn't realised until this year how well structured linen suits can be, so I was pretty happy with the look, overall.   I've already noticed with some jackets how much better a lower button placement looks on me, including a single button. Great tip re: ticket pockets though as I was leaning toward ticket pockets for that Saville row look.   thanks
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