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 It's smooth and soft to the touch, not itchy at all.
 "This Traveller fabric is made by Reda from 3-ply high twist yarn which results in a lightweight fabric that superbly resists wrinkling. Founded by Carlo Reda in the Italian Biella region, this mill has produced some of the highest quality wool fabrics in the world for nearly 150 years." This fabric probably doesn't work as an all-year option, unless you don't mind layering up more than usual in winter. This is probably a good option:...
Quote: It does look wonderful, make sure it fits nicely in the back too. As for @Wess' comment about not needing to shorten the sleeves, I don't have any experience with pure linen suits so I'd probably take his advice over mine, don't shorten the sleeves until the usual wrinkles have settled in. After that you could probably shorten them if they still need to be shortened. And welcome to the forums!
 The jacket looks too short from the front, but this isn't a problem as long as it covers your butt. Does it cover your butt? Also a contributing factor to this may be how low you are wearing your trousers, I'd recommend wearing them a bit higher so that the jacket doesn't as short. If the jacket does not cover your butt (Even after wearing trousers higher up), I would personally pass on this suit as the short jacket trend is actually in decline, and will probably be gone...
 I don't see many new items, the collection this year actually seems less interesting than last years collection when I compare the suits. I guess we'll have to wait and see what they release throughout the rest of the season.  It arrived and it fits perfectly. It doesn't look as black as does it on the site. I also didn't need to size up for wearing a suit underneath. The fabric is nice and thick, perfect for winter or late autumn/early spring (At least here in the...
 It's not his weight distribution, it's his posture. He has lordosis (It's not as cool as it sounds). I also have slight lordosis, but it's not nearly as severe as this. @xdawes23, I'd recommend Googling some exercises to correct your posture, or go see a professional to correct the issues before you purchase a suit. 
 They used a Spanish courier service for me called "Correos". I live in the UK though, so it might vary if you're not covered by their services.  I paid around 140 Euros for shoes that were originally 260 Euros on the site. They had been removed from the Meermin site long before I got them on eBay, so I probably would've paid around 200 Euros as my max bid if I had to. It's great if you can find shoes no longer available on the site or finished MTO shoes, and for people...
Hoping this suit or a similar one makes an appearance in the full collection. It's just so damn versatile, can't believe I didn't realise it when it came out last year.  
 I'd go with the cardigan, the bodywarmer might become too matchy-matchy with the jacket (burgundy overload) and I'm not a fan of the quilted look either. I do really like it how the model is wearing it with the white turtleneck, brownish-grey trousers, and brown suede boots though. Might get myself that white turtleneck if the full collection isn't so great, which should be upon us in a few days hopefully.
 I noticed that too, some of them were really great last year and I missed them, somehow I missed them again this year (Size 32 is very competitive because of the low-stock, high demand). This one in particular: 
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