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 http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/suits?prefn1=collection&prefv1=Fall%2FWinter Not much new stuff, but there are few things from last F/W which have made a reappearance. It's not the FULL collection, but it is is official transition from S/S to F/W. They don't have a date for a full collection as they like to add one or two new products regularly.
Well I didn't know for sure, but they are here now, so I was right! I pay attention to Suitsupply's social media, they sometimes respond to user comments. As for the full collection, I don't really see anything I like. Glad I stuck with the Hudson 3-piece!
 I think the rest of the F/W 14 items should be available from this Friday. If not, could be up until the end of August. Suitsupply doesn't seem to stick to one date for these kind of things, and to be honest, releasing their F/W 14 stuff so late might cost them significantly, as many other stores already have their full collections available.
 The jacket is not too long, nor far too short. It is covering your backside, which is the first rule of jacket length, for both suits and odd jackets that is. Personally I'd go for a slightly longer jacket (Can't be too picky with OTR though), but try not to go for anything shorter than this, as it will look odd in a few years once the trend for short jackets is over. As for a light grey jacket being worn with dark trousers, sure in principle it's not a good idea, but can...
My right shoulder bone is more prominent than my left. Also, the Washington fit size 34 has a 17.3" shoulder, while this one (size 32) has a 16.5" shoulder. Though the heavy padding in the Washington probably creates the illusion of my shoulders being bigger than they actually are. I will be using the vest whenever I wear this as a suit, so pretty much 80% of the time.
Added new pictures in my post above, hopefully that clears some things up.  @timotune
@Gosroth & @ShawnBC Thanks, I really do like it, I unstitched the vents and it seems to have fixed some of the issues, though could possibly remove a bit more excess fabric:  [[SPOILER]]  @Monkeyface I seem to have an issue on most of my suits where my left shoulder looks slightly odd, while the right shoulder can look pretty much perfect. Here's a better pic:  As for MTM, I'm afraid I don't have the patience for it. The price is also somewhat higher when you factor in the...
 It's here, the Hudson is here! (Sorry if the pictures are not the best of quality)  [[SPOILER]]  First impressions:  That suit looks too small, there'll probably be pulling at the waist. The fabric looks a lot less shinier, and a lot more textured than the image on the website. I thought the triple patch pockets with a three-piece would be an issue, but I actually kinda like it! After trying it on: Surprisingly very little pulling at the waist, suit feels extremely...
 Looks good! Length of the Havana is fine as it is an odd jacket, meaning it is more acceptable for it to be slightly shorter than usual. The sleeves could be a touch longer as mentioned by Shawn. I agree the buttoning stance is a bit too high, but this a common problem amongst Suitsupply suits (At outlet prices, it's hard to make a big issue of this). The Boston I'd have to say is perfect. It is meant to be a casual suit, therefore it is acceptable for it to be shorter....
I have a feeling I won't be keeping that Hudson three-piece which I ordered as I really did have my heart set on a Soho in navy. Plus the whole triple patch pockets and three-piece combination is kinda questionable.   I will try to take fit pics, as well as some of the details, and will measure the lapel width if it's of interest to anybody.   It should arrive by Tuesday or Wednesday!
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