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 I've also ordered the Jort camel coat, it seems they've restocked it in all sizes very recently, it must be very popular as it sold out completely in less than 2 days when it first released. Luckily I checked the website yesterday when it was well-stocked and I was quick to place an order, because I checked again today and now most of the sizes are gone again.
 It was a blue/navy pinstripe Soho but was only released on the American website, I looked for it just now but it seems to be gone, it was probably quite popular and sold out fast in all sizes. The same happened to the double-breasted camel coat I wanted, it completely sold out in around 2 days and was removed from the website.
 Damn that is bold. I can see how I would wear the jacket and waistcoat separately, but not the trousers.  Thanks I'll try this soon, unluckily I'm a size 32 which is one of the sizes that always seems to be out of stock, especially when I see something I really like (unless it came out very recently) and even then I have to be VERY quick. I'm pretty sure at the start of the season a customer service representative on the website chat told me that there weren't going to be...
Jort Collection is up, really sad that I missed this in my size:
 Thank you! The Havana fits me well and I've always been meaning to try out the Sienna as I like the styling. Narrower shoulders might work, and I have long arms so I'll probably need to lengthen the sleeves.
Havana fit vs Sienna fit, the measurements on the size chart are pretty much the same except for the Sienna back length being longer and the Sienna chest being slightly larger in the chest.   Can anyone that owns both of these fits comment on how similar/different the Sienna and Havana actually fit?
 It comes in dark navy:
 I have the same brown three-piece Havana as pomor and it's one of my favourites, nobody has ever made the coffee sack/couch comment before but I've thought it myself;  though it never bothered me. If we can get away with wearing a full three-piece suit made of a very similar material and still look great, a standalone jacket will be no problem.
 That really sucks, oh well.   This waistcoat is now in stock for anyone that's interested, I've ordered mine already.   Will report on the fabric, sounds interesting (Wool Mohair Silk Cashmere).   Also the charcoal suit pre-order date got pushed back from 06/09/2016 to 16/09/2016, oh well.
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