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 I don't have experience with either of those but based on the materials, the traveler is better option for everyday work if you don't have many suits in your wardrobe, as cotton will crease far more easier than traveler wool (which is specifically designed to wrinkle less).
 Gagliardi pocket squares seem to be quite cheap, thanks for the heads-up on that one too!  I've ordered a grey houndstooth tie and a burgundy pocket square so nothing too special design-wise. I was originally going to order like 5 ties and 2 pocket squares so I'd get free shipping, but I guess it was wiser to see if it was worth it in the future with a smaller purchase. Boggi seems to be a bit pricier than Berg & Berg on sale (at least on their website), I probably...
 Thanks for the heads-up, ordered a tie and pocket square, even with the shipping costs it still works out to be cheaper than Suitsupply. How is the quality vs Suitsupply ties/pocket squares? I think I've heard in the past someone has said they are much better in quality, but can't remember the specifics.
 Awesome! Maybe they listened to the suggestions we made on here. I'll most likely order a Soho sometime in the future using the design-your-own-suit feature, even if Madisons come back as a regular thing, mostly because the Soho lapels aren't too wide. Can't decide which fabric I want though.
Looks like Suitsupply hasn't given up on DBs just yet!   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/new_arrivals/madison-blue-plain/P4890.html?cgid=new_arrivals   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/new_arrivals/madison-grey-plain/P4889.html?cgid=new_arrivals
 They stopped releasing new DBs a while ago, none were released in Fall/Winter 2015 but one cotton Madison somehow was released in Spring/Summer 2016. Apparently the sales of their double-breasted suits weren't too great so they stopped making them, I'm hoping they'll add an option in the design your own suit configurator for DBs.
 I like it very much, it's my favourite suit so far, but my newest suit usually becomes my favourite  As for it being delicate, I'm not entirely sure, I don't plan to wear it too often anyway as it is a bold statement piece. It doesn't crease nearly as much as I thought it would, which was the main thing I was worried about. The fabric hangs well and is quite breathable too, the cool summer breeze felt amazing the last time I wore it as it was a fairly warm and sunny...
 I've replaced buttons on my Suitsupply overcoat because they were odd looking, good results and worth the extra effort in the end.
 For me the colour isn't the problem with this suit, the texture of the fabric just seems too Fall/Winter to be worn year-round. Also this depends on where you live too, I'm sure you could get away with it during cooler summer days in Canada or Norway or something.
 I own about 8 Suitsupply ties, but they're all the medium priced ones (£39/$69 USD/$69 AUD), all of which actually seem to be made in Italy. I'm pretty happy with the quality of the these ties and they always have some interesting fabrics/patterns/colours available. The widths of these ties are pretty spot-on for me, but can often be a bit too slim for some of Suitsupply's larger lapels (Madison fit), though they're still wide enough to look great with most of my lapel...
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