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 Last time I checked it was Westfield with the least amount of services/stock and Lime Street with the most services/stock. Vigo Street has pretty decent services/stock too, but not as much as Lime Street. I remember before they changed the website it listed Lime Street's store as having faster delivery for MtM, though you should probably ask customer support too.
I don't believe so, they had one jacket on their S/S 15 preview.  [[SPOILER]]
 I saw the similar white striped version in-store.  Fabric looked and felt pretty mediocre, plus I really don't understand pinstripes on a blazer suit. Would make it pretty hard to wear separately with it looking 'odd'.
 Fits pretty damn nicely. The chest looks a touch tight but nothing to worry about as long as it's comfortable to wear, also it's not possible to let out a jacket in the chest. Jacket length is great, the short-jacket trend is dying, and the length of your jacket will always look good. Shorten the sleeves and hem the pants then you're all good to go!
 I haven't had any problems with Suitsupply ties. Two of them were £29 each and are made in China. I got what I paid for, decent materials and decent patterns, nothing to write home about. The other (the checked one) is made in Italy and was £39. I love the pattern, and it does really feel like a quality tie. I'd say if you have the option, pay the little bit extra and get the better quality tie, whether that means picking another SuSu tie or going somewhere else for your...
 I just bought three new Suitsupply ties, they seem to vary from 58' to 59'. 
 That one doesn't seem to be available on the UK site yet, but it looks great. I have a Washington from last Spring/Summer, but I am really starting to prefer suits with less shoulder padding (It doesn't help that this one is also a size too big in the shoulders too). 
 I don't mind maintaining linen and keeping it wrinkle-free. It's just that I feel it'll never really be hot enough to warrant a full linen suit. I ordered this Hudson to try it out but I have serious buyer's remorse right now. I've never really felt hot during a London summer when wearing a normal wool suit, and strangely didn't feel cold this winter either (only wore my overcoat a handful of times). London temperatures seem moderate most of the time to me, so perhaps a...
 Thanks guys. I'll go in-store tomorrow and try to return it, may pick up some ties and/or pocket squares too.
I'm thinking of returning that new Hudson I bought.   When I recently opened the vents & the patch pockets, the hips flare out far too much.   The breast pocket is also much smaller than the other Hudson I own, can only fit one of my smaller pocket squares in there without the chest starting to bow.   Also noticed a little hole in the fabric, I'm guessing this isn't normal even for a linen suit.   Amongst that, doubting the usefulness of a pure linen suit in the UK...
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