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I don't have any Meermin shoes other than my Park last double monks, but I took my usual size for other shoes (7 UK) and they fit perfectly!
It's because the lapels are rolling quite a bit just above the buttoning point, making it look more like a 3 button jacket than a 2.5 button jacket. If the lapels were pressed slightly, they'd probably look the same as the others.
Sorry for the late reply, not the best picture but I hope it helps! 
My new double monks on the Park last are here, love them already!    
I hope they have, it's either that or poor quality control. The quarters also look more open on the fall one, looks better!
I disagree too, those shoulders are far too narrow. Better off buying the 102 and making any needed adjustments (waist, sleeves, etc.)
I've had my Washington (S120s wool) suit for about 9 months so far, and it has been worn at least once every week, sometimes even twice a week, and I don't have this issue (at least not yet). It still looks brand new. Might have hit good luck with the wool, though it seems pretty thin (Spring/Summer 2014 suit). Since then I've bought two new suits, but have only had them for about 2 months, I'll keep an eye out for this issue though.
I got a reply from Meermin, anyone else wondering about the GMTO for the dark brown monks on the park last, we'll get them shipped by the end of this month.
 It looks great! It fits pretty well apart from an issue in your left shoulder, though if you have this issue on other jackets, it's not too much of a problem. Though it'd be nice to see it with a different shirt, since it kind of looks like you have a slight collar gap with this shirt.
 I'll try that, thanks!  This gives me some reassurance, and I guess it's fair to wait til December before disputing. Though I really did expect some regular updates about the GMTO succeeding, them starting production, etc.
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