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 It comes in dark navy:  http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/coats/blue-double-breasted-coat/J417.html?
 I have the same brown three-piece Havana as pomor and it's one of my favourites, nobody has ever made the coffee sack/couch comment before but I've thought it myself;  though it never bothered me. If we can get away with wearing a full three-piece suit made of a very similar material and still look great, a standalone jacket will be no problem.
 That really sucks, oh well.
http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/waistcoats/grey-waistcoat/W16020802.html   This waistcoat is now in stock for anyone that's interested, I've ordered mine already.   Will report on the fabric, sounds interesting (Wool Mohair Silk Cashmere).   Also the charcoal suit pre-order date got pushed back from 06/09/2016 to 16/09/2016, oh well.
 @nttdocomo has this suit, it looks wonderful, I'm not sure about the fabric weight as I don't recall him mentioning it. You can probably ask him via private message, but I haven't seen him post in a while. 
 Thanks! I usually just use F/W or Fall instead of A/W or Autumn on this forum, probably because even the UK Suitsupply website calls it Fall/Winter. In person I just call it "Autumn" but once I accidentally said "Fall" and a friend called me out on it.   I haven't heard anyone else say "Fall" in London (or others parts of the UK), except when I accidentally said it. We haven't been Americanised just yet!
 Thank you! The suit was normal around 18-20c, but once it got past 25c it was becoming too warm (started sweating), and by the time it got to 29c it was way too hot. I don't think this suit qualifies as a four-season suit, it looks wonderful on a sunny day, but it's more of a sunny day suit for when the temperature is around room temperature or lower. At the end of the day (10+ hours of wearing), there were quite a few visible creases on the arms and back of the jacket,...
Wearing my light brown Havana for the first time today, it's gonna be up to around 29c and sunny today in London so it'll be a good test to see if it holds up as a four-season suit, the fabric isn't as thick as I'd expect for a fall/winter suit, so I hope I won't be sweating later on.   [[SPOILER]]  It must seem like I wear that tie all the time, I pretty much do. Also a word of caution about this suit, although it's pure wool, it does crease fairly easily (mostly around...
 I think so, I went in-store to London Westfield to get my light brown Havana tailored and when I dropped it off they still had S/S items in store, but when I came to pick it up (2 days later) they had all new F/W clothes instead, so it could be even sooner.  I have seen a few Suitsupply products out there, and even on TV shows too sometimes, most recently I saw someone on the TV show "Limitless" wearing a burgundy check Havana from F/W 2015. Usually I notice the bolder...
 That's a pre-order suit so I doubt anyone has seen it yet as "The estimated shipping date is: 06/09/2016". I've ordered it though, and I'll give my feedback when I receive it.  I really do like it, and being in London I would probably get a bit more use out of it than 2-3 months.
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