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48 looks best. Both trousers seem to be excessively tight around the inner knees, perhaps there is room to let some fabric out? EDIT: D'oh, just realised you were talking about the jacket, nevermind!
I think the high gorge works wonderfully with the shoulders!
Looks wonderful! I love the lapel width. Glad to see there's still plenty of people that appreciate wide lapels. The pleated shoulders are also a nice touch.
People on Styleforum are far too picky in that regard, and we aren't all rolling in tons of cash to spend on so many odd jackets and suits. I'd say go for it, I think it works, and yes, most people will not realise anyway. Although there are some factors which you should think about, such as the button colour, patch pockets, and the jacket's length, and most importantly, the fabric.
Great read! I'm so glad there's three different SuitSupply stores within an hour or so from where I live, will definitely give MtM a try. Can't wait to see the finished product!
The long is pretty much the perfect length for a casual jacket. The regular is pretty much the perfect length for a woman's jacket.
I saw a new plain blue Sienna for pre-order on the US website: Sienna Blue Plain  If I had to go for any suit from Suitsupply (Excluding the Washington & Soho), it would be the Sienna.
Yes I mean the jacket waist. It should have a good amount of waist suppression. Let the tailor pin you with different amounts, and choose the one you think works best for a business suit.
I myself prefer slimmer suits, as I am very slim. However in this case, suit #1 has a lot of fabric pulling. For example, take a look at the pictures of the side view, suit #1 has a 'dent', while suit #2 has a nice smooth curve.
 The second one fits you much better. I think you could probably get away without shortening the sleeves, but if you prefer them shorter, go for it! The trousers do need to be hemmed, and it looks like you have enough material for cuffed trousers if you like. The upper body does look like it needs to be nipped in from the waist. Other than those minor alterations, I'd have to say it fits you pretty nicely. You should probably post it in the tailor's fit feedback thread...
New Posts  All Forums: