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I pay with PayPal mostly because I don't particularly trust Meermin (even though I have one MTO delivered perfectly fine), or Meermins site security. Their company and website just seems like a target for hackers and scammers, so I'd rather not put my card details into their website directly. Don't know if you'd agreed this is worth $20 more, but it certainly does make me feel more secure knowing my card details are safe and I'm free to file a dispute via PayPal if...
 Same here, Meermin pls
 Looks like a perfect fit all around but you should probably shorten the sleeves just a bit.
I believe it's this one: 
 Quite significantly, but also something to note is that the shoulders on the Madison seem narrower too, which makes the lapels look even wider. Still not a deal-breaker for me, but I'd prefer the Soho fit lapels, that is if they ever actually release more in interesting fabrics.
It's their semi-cutaway collar, usually found on their Egyptian cotton shirts.
 There were some great coats last F/W, this being one of the best. I think the burgundy one looked awesome too and I hope to see something similar this F/W, but on this fit rather than the notch lapel fit they used.  I really do wish they'd re-release certain suits which sell out the fastest. I have the same feeling as you, but in regards to the burgundy three piece Havana and a certain light grey window pane Washington-half suit which I missed out on. Don't think anything...
 It feels like they really have discontinued the Washington-half, but I guess we'll see at the end of next month. Speaking of which, it feels like they've stopped releasing Soho fits too and just go for Madison fits instead. Soho fits from F/W 13 I'd like to see again:  [[SPOILER]]  F/W 14 didn't really have any decent Soho fits, hopefully they'll release a decent one this summer.
 No idea, I hope it's not pure linen otherwise I'll pass on it. I hope it'll be wool-silk-linen like a lot of the S/S 15 collection has been so far.
Agreed, though there have been a few nice pieces. I'm only really waiting for this at the moment: I emailed customer support and they said it'd be available at the end of next month, if anyone's interested.
New Posts  All Forums: