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 Yup, there's two of them:  This one is pure cashmere though, rather than cashmere/silk. I personally think they'd have to make a new 'luxurious' fit just for pricier sports coats, like they have the La Spalla for suits.
 I placed my order for those just now, now comes the wait til July for shipping. I just went for my usual size, never really had a problem with sizing on shoes before. I don't know if this helps. It was on their Elton last double monks' description, but not on the actual Elton last boots' description. "Meermin recommend to go with the same size as per our HIRO, OLFE or RON lasts." If you're still not sure, email customer service but you'll have to be pretty quick, it has...
How would a pair of balmoral boots such as these go with a suit/dress trousers?     Haven't seen many examples of someone wearing them with a full suit or an odd jacket/trousers.
I am really liking these new MTO boots on their Elton last:     Do these leather/suede mixed boots look good with a suit?   Or would I be better off going for a full-suede or full-leather shoe/boot?   Any pics and/or experience on wearing leather/suede mixed boots with a full suit?
 The Copenhagen is the slimmest fit overall. Washington is the slimmest fit in the contemporary collection excluding the Copenhagen. The Lazio is the slimmest fit in the classic collection. Not sure about the Sienna but I think it's pretty similar to the Lazio in terms of fit, except for the shoulders which seem narrower.
In that case size 32 would probably be a good match for you, but there's only one way to find out for sure, order it! And yes, it is definitely easier and cheaper to shorten the sleeves and/or the jacket length, though I don't recommend shortening a jacket unless it's no more than 0.5". I've shortened a jacket by 1.2" before, and while it doesn't look bad, I'd rather not do it again.
 I'll refer to the sizes as 32 and 34 instead of 42 and 44 because it confuses me with the other sizes we have in the UK/US. If you can order both sizes and return one that'd be best. But if not I'd say go for size 32, the shoulders will fit much better BUT do be warned that size 32 suits are usually shorter than the length stated on the website. My Lazio in size 32 is meant to be 28.7" but is actually 28", which is fine for me since I'm 5'7 but it may become too short for...
 Thanks, it's this one:    3KG
My first Lazio is here! Thoughts?  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
I've only ordered one group MTO from them and it came to a total of £180 for a pair of dark brown leather double monks + shoe trees + shoe polish + shipping. As compared to the £199 that Suitsupply charges for shoes + free shipping. My order came out great but I've read some things about quality control issues for other people, which is a problem with Meermin since they don't seem to ever pay for shipping, so if you want to return a pair for not fitting properly or having...
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