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The Soho does come in size 32, but is limited as with all their size 32 stock.   
Ah thanks, I was basing it off the description on their site: "A new member to our family of double-breasted fits. The 6-button Madison jacket features, wide peaked lapels and patch pockets. The slightly shorter and more tapered jacket length sets it apart from its cousin the Soho." I am 5'7 and 110lbs so I think it would be wiser for me to go for the Soho, though I wouldn't mind trying out the Madison and comparing it. I tried on a size 34 Soho jacket in one of the...
How did the Soho compare to the Madison, fit-wise? They should pretty much fit the same, except for the Madison having a slightly shorter jacket length.
Are there any online stores where I can purchase turtlenecks in size XS from the UK for a decent price? (I'm on a student budget)   If not online, perhaps somewhere in London?   I'm not talking turtlenecks that are overly thick, as I plan to wear them under suit jackets/sport coats.   Thanks!
I think it's already sold out in your country, as it is also sold out in the UK and EU, along with the full three-piece Hudson suit too. Seems like the Hudson is a pretty successful fit so far!  
Thank you!   Also here is a post from the Suitsupply Facebook/Instagram, really tempted to buy this coat, does anyone know if it is belted in the back? (Half-belt) 
 Thanks! Knot is a double four-in-hand, but the angle doesn't really show it that much. The shoes are actually jodhpur boots, very comfortable! Since I'm 19, I'm using my time at university to dress a little less conservative. Probably won't be able to do that if I'm in an office which requires CBD. Better take advantage of that right now!  
My Washington fit.   It's a size 34 and had to have a few alterations made.   Shoulders feel a little too large, so next time I'll go for a size 32 instead.
What I wore to university the other day.   Excuse the lack of a pocket square, as it was a plain white cotton one that decided to creep back into the pocket before the photo was taken.
Reviews on scarves would be nice, thanks! Also thanks for the review on the socks, I thought they looked decent online but wasn't too sure about buying them.
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