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 I bought one of their turtlenecks and was disappointed, the price isn't even nearly worth it. The fabric was piling and losing its shape after only a few wears so I returned it because I felt ripped off. Probably not going for any of their knitwear in the future. I tried some Charles Tyrwhitt turtlenecks after and they are definitely worth the price, you can usually find voucher codes online to get a discount or free delivery too.
 I noticed it too, was sad to see it as well as there being no F/W double breasted suits yet either. I sure hope I'll be able to get that pinstripe Madison in S/S though.
 Yes, got my suede loafers in some really heavy rain a few days ago and they held up surprisingly well, I also had 2 coatings of protective spray. The only problem is that the dainite soles are quite slippery when wet, I always thought dainite soles would have more grip than leather but I was mistaken (at least in this case, it's my first pair of dainite sole shoes).
 Probably not, this is sort of what I was talking about in the post above: "The individual measurements are mostly accurate though there have been wild variations in the past for me, and a few others on this thread.". Sometimes items of the same size will have varying measurements too, most likely a quality control issue.
 Don't trust the side advisor, it doesn't seem to be very helpful. The individual measurements are mostly accurate though there have been wild variations in the past for me, and a few others on this thread. Go with your normal suit size and a size larger. Consider how it'll fit with a structured jacket such as a suit jacket or sport coat when you're trying it on. I went with my normal suit size for a Bleecker fit coat and it fits perfectly over a suit, I think the Merano...
 As far as I know it only affects the crotch area of trousers. Checked my wool-cashmere suit thoroughly when I first noticed crotch pilling, and that's the only area affected.
 I would do the same in that situation. I feel their service hasn't been up to par lately for some reason; orders aren't dispatched as fast and I've never had a problem with refunds before this. Might be because they're growing in popularity and don't have the capacity to handle everything as well as before.
 Did you email them or use the website chat feature? I recently refunded something and didn't get a refund for a week, then I used the chat feature and it was processed immediately.
 I feel peak lapels on a single-breasted sport coat are already pushing the boundaries. As peak lapels are more formal in my eyes, I'd never imagine wearing them with jeans; dressy cotton chinos could work. I guess it all boils down to the actual jacket and which jeans you plan to wear, as well as the rest of the outfit. So if you think you could put together a great outfit give it a try, but I'd personally go for a notch lapel jacket in this case. I had an obsession over...
 Looks like it fits pretty well all around, except for one issue. The issue is the shoulder divots, it seems like a fairly common problem on the Sienna. There's nothing you can really do to fix this issue, it seems like your shoulders are a bit too wide for the suit. Your options would be to try a larger size, or the same size but different cut, or possibly Made-to-Measure. Also, is it the wind making the vent flare out like that in the side view picture?
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