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As long as the EU prices stayed untouched, I'll stick with Meermin.   There's no way I'd pay higher prices AND deal with the possiblity of QC issues as well as the certainty of mediocre customer service.
 I still don't new anything new, probably has been available for Europe already.  Waistcoats generally look longer on me, since I prefer to wear my pants high and have a high inseam (Also I'm just 5'7). It's a size 32R waistcoat with size 26R trousers, and a size 32R Hudson jacket. The trousers are awesome, love the side adjusters and the pleats. Kinda wished for them to be wool/linen rather than linen/cotton as they crease very easily.
I just got mine yesterday (different fabric), as well as those trousers. I love it more than I thought I would.   These marketing campaigns just keep getting weirder and weirder (I liked the F/W 14 campaign though). I don't see any new products on the site at all.
I've thought of doing that in the UK for the outlet, but wouldn't it make returning suits more difficult if needed? I have 3 Suitsupply stores within range of me, not sure if they'd allow me to make outlet returns to a store. I guess this is something I'll ask next time I'm in-store. Also it looks like Suitsupply has released some weird hover shoes, where can I get them?   [[SPOILER]]
 I don't see much difference between this and the La Spalla fit, apart from the 2 button instead of 3-roll-2 jacket and non-pleated shoulders. In my opinion Suitsupply should make a new double-breasted fit for the red line with full canvas construction, flap pockets, hand-stitched detailing, finer fabrics, and pleated shoulders. Or something a bit different, this just looks like a pricier Lazio to me.
Ideally you should buy suits once you're happy with your body, but I'm guessing you'll need it sooner than that. The only thing I see glaringly wrong with this suit is that the jacket length is far too short, especially considering the York fit is meant to be conservative/traditional. Shoulders look great, as does waist supression, trouser tapering, sleeves. But remember some of these things may change once you're done cutting weight.
+1 Last year my dry cleaner pressed my Washington 3-roll-2 lapel, and I tried to steam it out to give it back the roll. It worked, but the suit looked odd in chest area, NEVER AGAIN (To both the dry cleaner, and steaming my suits).
Only possible with two Napoli suits. http://eu.suitsupply.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-INT-Site/en_GB/Link-Product?pid=p1104-S http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/suits/p1105-separates/p1105-S.html Your choices are to either go MtM or find a brand which does separates if you want something else.
I have two Suitsupply ties, one of which knots beautifully and looks pretty great, holds the knot well too. The other one knots terribly, the material is far too thick for a double four-in-hand knot and still looks bulky even with a single four-in-hand knot, but I like the colour and pattern so I guess I'll have to deal with it. Oh and thanks for pointing me in the direction of Exquisite Trimmings, just purchased two handmade ties on sale (Drake's blue cashmere tie & Tie...
I'm not a huge fan of it either, but I don't see the problem with a casual DB jacket, and a DB jacket without peak lapels is a disaster 99% of the time. It doesn't have a ticket pocket, it has patch pockets which are a casual feature, though I would've preferred a breast patch pocket as well as the side patch pockets. I'd probably try one out in a different fabric, but this fabric isn't what I'm looking for at the moment.
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