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Trying to decide on if I want to go with an ULD or the stretch down jacket. Opinions?
Newbie to Our Legacy here. What's the sizing like on their button downs? I wear a medium in Uniqlo oxfords
Hoping to stop by this weekend. Any sales going on?
  I'm looking to buy one second used and just needed the name of it. Momentoftruth, yes to it being the UU easy jacket?
Can anyone ID this jacket? I've got this saved from a long time ago but can't remember what it is. UU easy jacket maybe? 
Is Uniqlo done with suiting?
How often do they restock on spring stuff? Missed out on the linen shirts and pants that I wanted
Going on vacation this summer and in need of either a summer suit or sport coat or anything along that line.  I'm on a college budget so I don't have much to spend. To be honest, I haven't had to look into formal wear much at all and never in the summer.     Should I look for a linen or cotton suit? I definitely would like something in tan/khaki. Are H&M and Target my best bet?  Honestly have no clue where to start.   Really like this image from the Sartorialist though 
Mikey, What model was the EG Shirt Jacket you posted earlier?
been trying to find a cotton unstructured blazer for the spring and summer.  Would be cool if I could find a suit set even. I saw this club monaco one for sale but not in my size and I'm in search of something similar 
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