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I was in Hermann for Oktoberfest. Beautiful town.
^Where on the River? I'm located in Columbia and spent a lot of time this summer riding out to Rocheport and camping Cooper's.
Do you have measurements on these?
Any chance of doing another one of these orders? Same hat or different style. Been searching for a black or charcoal wool hat forever
Any fit picks with this?
Trying to decide on if I want to go with an ULD or the stretch down jacket. Opinions?
Newbie to Our Legacy here. What's the sizing like on their button downs? I wear a medium in Uniqlo oxfords
Hoping to stop by this weekend. Any sales going on?
  I'm looking to buy one second used and just needed the name of it. Momentoftruth, yes to it being the UU easy jacket?
Can anyone ID this jacket? I've got this saved from a long time ago but can't remember what it is. UU easy jacket maybe? 
New Posts  All Forums: