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Yup but their suit jackets are padded.
When I asked about unstructured I meant for suits, as I know you carry sport coats like that
Hi Rick, Will there be unpadded, unstructured jackets coming up in the near future? I want to buy from S&M but the shoulders don't work for me. Not enough space in the shoulder cap which causes divots. I'm hoping unpadded shoulders will solve that, plus I just like unstructured jackets.
Well it depends what specific job in HealthCare.   PM me if you do not want to post specifics.   If doctor/resident role then suit up fully.   If Nurse, then business casual.   If Management, tie is fine.   Most people in healthcare dont give a F&*! about how they dress.  I personally do but I don't necessarily hold it against others, but it might be a tiebreaker in my mind as you pointed out "put togetherness".   If someone shows up with white socks, black...
Healthcare eh? Depends. If you are in the hospital, you can forego a tie unless you're a drug or instrument rep. If you're a drug rep then suit up. if you are staff such as a doctor then most people advise no tie as they are germ magnets that don't get washed enough. If you don't touch patients then you can rock a tie if you want
So this is what CS says about the navy outer coat "Thank you for your email. The production lighting on our webiste may have altered the color a tad. It is supposed to be a darker navy. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Kind regards, Suitsupply Customer Service" So very dark navy it is
That is a nice jacket. To be honest, I go from heated house to heated garage to heated car to heated garage to heated office.   So the extra length isn't too needed for me as the amount of time I maybe outside is limited, save to run and get some coffee or meet someone quickly outside.  I used to own one of similar length and camel color which I loved but I found the extra length got in the way of sitting in the car and I hate taking off and putting on my coats...
I don't mind the length as too long gets in the way sitting down. I'm about 5'10 so I can see how it would be short if you are taller.
And by odd I meant did suitsupply mess up a batch of coats, not that the color is 'odd'
Thanks but in person it looks midnight blue. Even in sunlight it's dark.Thanks but in person it looks midnight blue. Even in sunlight it's dark.
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