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Bourbon is a burnished walnut for Allen Edmonds.  They essentially take a walnut shoe and burnish it on a dark wheel to create an overall darker color and has variegated color (i.e. some areas darker than others).  I think it gives the bourbon some character.
You are overthinking this.   Most doctors are dressed like shlubs.... and I'm certain most of the interview committee will be doctors.     You will probably see an array of square toe shoes, loud ties and questionable fitting sport coats/blazers from the interviewers.     The tie will be fine.  The fact you are wearing a suit is enough unless you are so marginal a candidate that you need to pull off a real good first impression.   That being said, I would also go...
Thanks.   Anyone have pictures of a brown vs bourbon vs merlot together in AE styles?  I searched but I can find only Shell Brown images.
I have the Park Avenue and Strand both in bourbon and love them.   I wear navy and grey suits mainly.  Thinking of getting a dark brown shoe but uncertain of a Brown strand vs Fifth Ave vs McAllister vs Park Ave.     I'm afraid the brown and bourbon are too similar for two strands or Park Aves.   I wonder if the McAllister is too casual for suits?   Not a huge fan of black shoes.   Opinions?  Thanks
Thanks.  Do all Harry Rosen's carry this style?  
West Edmonton Location.   The price difference doesn't matter too much to me.  The rep said that the Samuelsohn will not be as trim for my slim frame.   I am curious why the rep was pushing Coppley so much.   Do Samuelsohns come in slim fit cuts for MTM?  
Sales rep at Harry Rosen suggests that I should get a Coppley MTM over a Samuelsohn.   I am a thin guy so a slim fitting suit is what I am aiming for.   Curiously the rep states that Samuelsohn MTM is not fully canvassed.   The rep also says that the Coppley MTM likely would fit me better.     Any thoughts?  Everywhere I read is that Samuelsohn is better quality overall.  Cost difference doesn't matter to me, just quality and fit.   Do Samuelsohn's...
New Posts  All Forums: