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Anyone rock unlined leather gloves? Seems slightly pointless as I'd assume unlined wouldn't be very warm. I'm looking at getting a pair from dents, want something very tight and slim on the hand, any lined options I should look at?
Thanks for the suggestions on Paris guys, can't wait! Charvet is definitely on the list too!
Booked a trip to Paris in Nov. Also booked into the Shangri-La, starting to compile a list of places to go, missed a lot last time. So far I've got: Septimie Larguer Carmina Corthay for some drooling AMI A.P.C Anyone else have some good recommendations? Would be much appreciated.
The occasional nourishment with red dust and blood.
Lol dude chill. It's different time zones here, it a called a busy work day and then home for dinner. Your payment has been received and then jacket will be sent soon.
HBA... Huehuehue, up there with Pyrex. Fuccbois only. @LonerMatt thanks for the Lemaire post, some killer pieces there. I don't venture in SWD section as much as I should.
I'm actually wearing the pale purple end on end right now and it's quite stiff, crunchy and wrinkles/ creases easily. Think I'll have to ditch it and go for the Zegna...
Brown Lamb Collared Moto Gunmetal zips  Measurements are close to a stock 48 Barely worn or broken in, still in excellent condition. Measurements  shoulders 18.1  chest (pit-to-pit) 21.0  midsection 17.6  waist 18.0  body length, front 23.0  body length, back 25.5  sleeve length, from shoulder 25.0  sleeve width @ pit 7.0  sleeve width @ elbow 6.3  sleeve width @ cuff 5.5 Item located in Australia. $20 postage within Aus. ***$60 USD to USA and Canada for express...
What colour did you get? Considering getting some grey sneakers.
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