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I just come here to laugh. I don't even like clothes.
Those waxed jeans look awesome... Must. Resist. Purchasing.
I done goofed on some measurements for some shirts from Luxire. Anyone fit the following measurements and interested in buying some shirts? I've got three; light blue large gingham, pale blue oxford and a mid-blue dress stripe with contrast cuff/collars - all with modified English spread (5.25 spread instead of 5.5). All three have french plackets too. $35 each...   Neck: 15.75 - Sleeve: 34.25 - Fit: Custom - Collar: Custom - Cuff: 1-Button - Back: No Pleats - Pocket: No...
Pale Blue oxford is off the chain.   Ever so slightly lighter in colour compared to the Sky Blue oxford. I'll post some pics up tomorrow.
Try cold washing the jeans before wearig, not sure if there's any truth behind it, but I've heard it helps.
@luxire, any plans to add tropical/summer weight wool trousers in a light grey? Would sell like hot cakes!
@luxire Are any of the additional colours for pique cotton polos going ahead still? I remember there was a fair bit of interest in an orange/ burnt orange, and maybe a dark green?
Light blue gingham on top, makes me excited to receive mine!
I'd reduce the yoke by 0.25" to 0.5", add rear darts and increase the bicep measurement slightly, reducing the yoke might fix the lines you have between your chest and armpit.
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