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@luxire, any plans to add tropical/summer weight wool trousers in a light grey? Would sell like hot cakes!
@luxire Are any of the additional colours for pique cotton polos going ahead still? I remember there was a fair bit of interest in an orange/ burnt orange, and maybe a dark green?
Light blue gingham on top, makes me excited to receive mine!
I'd reduce the yoke by 0.25" to 0.5", add rear darts and increase the bicep measurement slightly, reducing the yoke might fix the lines you have between your chest and armpit.
Chasing a pair of the grey silk in 31 or 32 slim, anyones got a pair they're willing to sell pm me!
Less RMW pics and more bestetti!
What's the measurement of the spread and collar points in inches if you don't mind me asking? I'm still trying to nail my custom collar measurements.
@Ammanati, are you able to provide the details or order # on this collar for the pink stripe shirt? Looks great!
*News reader voice* And back to you, John.
New Posts  All Forums: