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For those of you that were interested in jodhpur boots, I've received an email from Meermin saying that they're preparing a sample in suede now and will have a GMTO soon.
I checked in on a trouser and shirt order last week and got told the same (that they'd be shipped by the end of the week). I'm not complaining though, as I understand these things take time, but 10 weeks is quite some time. Perhaps they were waiting on fabric delivery?
Can confirm ostrich is delicious.
Also in for these. Not sure what would be the best last shape, I feel hiro is slightly too blobby.
CCare to post a fit pic?
Linea Maestro in Dark Brown Naturacalf.
I've got one (pleb-tier 4gb memory/i5 processor). I personally think it's great; good for travelling as it's quite slim and lightweight, although I'm jealous of the missus' macbook pro touch-pad/ keyboard... I'm no mac fan but next time I think I'll get the new macbook pro, which is now slimmer than their previous macbook air. 
Tbh I didn't read past the intro.
Never knew this, but apparently the majority of wool fabrics used for MJ Bale suits etc comes from VBC...   http://www.mjbale.com/blog/Campaign-for-wool 
Just wear whatever man with a heavy dose of nonchalance. 
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