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Quote: Originally Posted by kermitkebab Those sticky tape lint rollers work real well for me. Great for cat hair too. Thnx ill try that
I have a lint problem, my black pinstripe suit gets alot of it and by midday it looks dirty. Is there anything i can do to either avoid it or remove the lint effectively?
Quote: Originally Posted by dawit Not angles exactly but different pics CLICK lol it's the same angle in all those pics
Do you have more angles?
Alright guys, don't know if you remember that movie. Robert Redford has a manly haircut I wanna get. I got a fauxhawk on request of a female friend, but I feel really uncomfortable and I think it makes me look gay. Anyway, going from FauxHawk I inted to grow it out into this: And as my hair grows and grows into this (or I could skip this part, always wanted a Werhmacht haircut ) : And finally: Tips? I'm thinking maybe I should skip step two.
You could try google adsense in a high traffic site. If you get lucky you may earn around $200 per day.
What Mr Kowalski would say "Shit son, man up and do whatever you want already."
Open another business.
Quote: Originally Posted by random-adam It seems roughly the same size as an RV on the inside. Check it out. Thanks for the pics mate. I'l shoot for a Sunseeker Manhattan 63. Around 2.5million for a used one. Even used ones are great quality. I hope I can get that within 10 years. Wish me luck.
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