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When did the calls go out for the DC Cigar captoes?! 
I am looking for a pair of Crockett and Jones Ralph Lauren Marlow PTB in 8.5D. Please PM me if you have a pair for sale, along with the condition and price. Thanks!
I am looking for some shell cordovan Alden Plaza boots in 8.5D. Please let me know if you have a pair for sale, along with condition and price. Thanks!
Please count me in.
Wait, will there be speed hooks? Or is it blind eyelets all the way?
I may be interested. How is sizing compared to Alden Barrie last or EG 82 last?
Unfortunately I think these fit TTS on waist. They are definitely sized smaller than my officer trousers which are vanity sized.
Please count me in as well.
Are the rummels TTS or size down 1?
How do you size for this? I'm generally between a M and a L. Most of the time I am a Large.  Is this the heavy, droopy style in which case it will stretch? I'm checking the wings and horns website and it says that the L measures around 41.6 inches in the chest. Should I go with the Large or would it be too big?
New Posts  All Forums: