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Hey guys, if I were to use a colored cordovan cream(not saphir reno or neutral cordovan cream) for my ravello captoes, what color would I use? I don't mind a slight darkening of the overall color. I'd probably use the colored cream every half year or so in a very minute amount, and reno once a month using the mac method. Also, if I do end up using the colored cordovan cream, should I apply some on the cap itself?
Dude those look so badass. I really wish they had my size. I would wear those with thicker boot socks since they weren't meant to be worn with dainty/thin dress socks.But if your gut is telling you that it is too big, it probably is.Happens to me pretty often. I'm so infatuated by the shoe that I try to convince myself that I could make it work. 
 I could never get myself to throw that much money at black boots since they would see limited use, but I must agree that black cordovan boots are SEXY!  I'd say go for the Alden black captoe boots on grant last. If I were to buy one pair of black boots, it would definitely be those. I feel like those could be worn with suits if you would like. No one in the real world knows that you should match your suits with balmorals. But for some reason, wearing balmorals with jeans...
These look awesome Vicious! I've only had a short encounter with a pair of cigar aldens (had to return because half size too big) but I think cigar is the most versatile color! 
Sent a pm yesterday about selvedge chinos.
Congrats bro! Looks like you found yourself a pair. They look awesome!
Hey avocado1 , would you be so kind as to post some pictures of the officer chino in robert brown?
Thanks for posting. I hope these fit. 
Nope I got a beer belly goin on ha!
I'm hoping they are the usual downsize 2. I was thinking about holding off until after Xmas but it looked like they're almost all gone so I literally just placed my order.
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