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Very exciting news. Can't wait for the pictures!
I'm in for some zug too! Count me in as well.
Thanks for your input guys. I'm always pretty critical when it comes to new shoes. I knew I was being a little diva. I'm going to break them out this weekend 
Hey can I get your guys' input on this? I received a pair of dark oak/walnut cc galways recently and I haven't been able to take my eyes off them! However, I found these scuffs on the heels. Now I will probably forget about them as soon as I put some mileage on them, and they can probably be buffed out after a couple polishes, but for now they are a little bothersome. I really wanted to make this anonymous but I think I already divulged on SF that I purchased these from...
Hey guys, quick question. My EG galways are now incoming and USPS tracking states that they are "inbound into customs". Does this mean I have to pay a fee upon delivery? And how much longer is the wait from this point on?
I love the giannis, and I would consider them to be rarer than Alden cigar Indys. 
This may be a stab in the dark, but I know theres a bunch of people on SF who are really into fitness. I just purchased the type 3s jacket in XL which has measurements of : Chest (44 inches), Shoulders (18.5 inches), Sleeves (24.5 inches). My measurements: Chest (about 40 inches), Shoulders (about 18 inches, maybe a tad more), arm length (?) I actually really like the fit of the XL jacket on me now with just a t-shirt.     The XXL has measurements of Chest: 46 in,...
How has this not sold? Cmon guys, these boots are seriously awesome .
Just wondering, do 3sixteen's clothing come in plastic wrapping or have any tags on them? My type 3 jacket just arrived and there was no wrapping or tags. Just came in a cardboard box. 
Passing on this boot might end up being my biggest alden regret. I was given dibs for a full day and half, but ended up passing because I was never the biggest fan of whiskey. I know I'm going to be doing this  once I collect enough aldens to call this a hobby. 
New Posts  All Forums: