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I love the giannis, and I would consider them to be rarer than Alden cigar Indys. 
This may be a stab in the dark, but I know theres a bunch of people on SF who are really into fitness. I just purchased the type 3s jacket in XL which has measurements of : Chest (44 inches), Shoulders (18.5 inches), Sleeves (24.5 inches). My measurements: Chest (about 40 inches), Shoulders (about 18 inches, maybe a tad more), arm length (?) I actually really like the fit of the XL jacket on me now with just a t-shirt.     The XXL has measurements of Chest: 46 in,...
How has this not sold? Cmon guys, these boots are seriously awesome .
Just wondering, do 3sixteen's clothing come in plastic wrapping or have any tags on them? My type 3 jacket just arrived and there was no wrapping or tags. Just came in a cardboard box. 
Passing on this boot might end up being my biggest alden regret. I was given dibs for a full day and half, but ended up passing because I was never the biggest fan of whiskey. I know I'm going to be doing this  once I collect enough aldens to call this a hobby. 
Thank you. That was very helpful. If you don't mind, I have one more question. I'm in between a L and XL when I'm looking at the measurement chart for the supply jacket. The main problem I have when I go shopping for shirts is that I have broadish shoulders and slightly longer arms. The XL might work better for me in terms of shoulders but the chest size of the large works better. So my question is, do these denim jackets stretch?
I'm actually deciding between the dark indigo supply jacket and the shadow 3sixteen type 3s. I like the type 3s' high fade potential, but like the supply jacket style more. Do you know if the dark indigo supply jacket will fade just as much?
I'm curious what 97871 is. There were some Indy boots in my size but I'm thinking I should pick up something for spring. Will probably call tomorrow to see what's left after things calm down a bit.
I don't know if this would be considered too "streetwear" but seeing the kamigata in a overydyed indigo would be pretty awesome. 
Is there a store that sells the type 3s denim jacket and has some sort of discount code? Kind of like need supply and their 10% off SF coupon.
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