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I don't know if this would be considered too "streetwear" but seeing the kamigata in a overydyed indigo would be pretty awesome. 
Is there a store that sells the type 3s denim jacket and has some sort of discount code? Kind of like need supply and their 10% off SF coupon.
When was the preorder for this? Gosh I feel like I have to constantly keep up with this thread to even have a chance at the rarer rare shells. Greatly brings down my productivity 
I just called and asked if they can look for me, but I was told by the rep that I need a model number. I asked if there was anyway she can look it up without the model number, or if anyone there knew the model number, and she said that no one would know. The rep sent me the 9E list and the boots were not there :/ Does anyone happen to know the model number? Edit: I just performed a google search and found the model number. The same rep just told me that this is...
I've actually been thinking of getting a pair of indy boots. How does the 405 look in person? My gf can get me a discount on the 403s but I'd be paying full price for the 405s. Worth it to get the original?
I haven't handled a pair of vibergs but I cant imagine the quality being significantly better than aldens. I don't think its about the quality, but moreso about the style. Do you like the style enough to justify the price?I do find the "manly workboot" thing pretty cool, but not to justify the $700ish price.Others do find it cool enough to cough up that much, while they are hesitant to purchase a pair of $650 black cordovan captoe balmorals.And there's people with so much...
I've been wondering, what age range do you gentlemen fall under and what are your occupations. Some of you guys purchase these $500~800 shoes like they're candy. I'm in my twenties and had a job for a couple years and saved up before heading back to school. Although I would like to have extensive collection like you guys, I practice a strict one in one out rule. 
I've had the same experience. I took the tassels a half size down from my marlow wingtip sizing. Both fit perfectly. 
Is the new exciting news for the EG Kentmere?
Hey guys, how does alden suede wear over time? I know we all love cordovan because of the patina, but does suede age as gracefully? On the fence about returning the Brooks brothers snuff suede boots. While it looks nice pristine, I wasn't sure how it would age.
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