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Wow that wasn't TOO long ago. When did the rare shell colors become rare? I bet those Aldens sold out quickly! Those ravello lwbs really are something else.
Those are seriously awesome mike! thanks for posting! When did Jcrew have rare make ups?
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Cordovan-Medallion-Tip-Blucher-Oxford-maybe-Whiskey-Cigar-Ravello-7-5E-/121380959616?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item1c42de7580 Is that you patina? $1200 starting bid?!
Thanks clee!  I would keep them but I have two of my grails coming in December (ravello lwb, ravello captoe boot). I am trying to keep my shoe wardrobe to a bare minimum so I am selling these in anticipation of the ravello captoe boots coming at the end of the year. 
Absolutely stunning! I'm very jealous!
Haha true! But this one's a keeper! She bought me my Lindricks and my Alden 975s for my bday and anniversary respectively. 
My gf didn't like either of the RL CJ loafers. She said I was too young to be sporting dressy penny or tassel loafers.
I guess I'll offer one more data point. I take the same size in Barrie and 325 last. They are sized a half size down from my brannock size.    Even though I take the same size, barrie is much roomier in the toe area.
Well Eddie's shoes come with box, extra laces, tissue paper, everything. He just wouldn't have a receipt. RKD asked if they were marked in any way, and that was why I assumed he would unethically try to pass it off as if he bought the shoes from the retail store. RL doesn't even allow online orders to be exchanged at retail stores, so I doubt they would exchange this order without a receipt. But who knows, if he is honest about the situation and comes  across a nice...
New Posts  All Forums: