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Thanks for the feedback.  Much appreciated
Opinions solicited on jacket length. I’m 5’10” and this is a 44S rather than a 44R.  Is the jacket length OK on this suit?   If it's bad etiquette to post large pictures please let me know and I'll remove.   Many thanks, Patrick  
Thanks for the feedback. I can see the incoherence with the sleeves and the length issue.  I always thought I was fairly standard, 5'10", 44" chest and 33" waist, but a 44R always seem too big and a 44S too small.  A 42 does't allow for movement.   I'll look for a different cut or higher drop value... and keep the hands out of the pockets :)   Many thanks
Advice on style: degree of tapering   Any feedback is very much appreciated.  I just had this sport coat (Hickey Freeman) tailored.  Is the taper too much on this jacket? I’m fairly conservative, late 40’s if that makes any difference.   Thanks              
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