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Try to find the discontinued AE Byron - punch cap bal at the Shoe Bank. They should still have some in Chili brown.
You may want to return it...mine doesn't do that.
+1 on army surplus and vintage. I have the former and a friend of mine has the latter. Sterlingwear is probably at least as good or better than what you'd get an army surplus store, although the surplus one I bought a few years back is 100% wool and many of theirs are not.
I can't tell the color of the suit from the pic. If the suit is black, I'd definitely say thumbs down. Navy or dark Gray are much better choices. As far as the styling, this sort of the 3 button suit should be fine for awhile. I do not know how much that suit retails for, but since BR suits aren't the best quality out there, I would try to buy it during some kind of promotion or sale if you have decided not to explore other options.
Last call for the tie. If no one wants to buy it in one week I'm going to keep it.
What is it about Canali specifically that you like? If you can point out the features that you like, I'm sure someone can make some other brand suggestions for you. Re: buying a nice Italian suit at a good price: If you sign up for 's "dealflyer" mailing list, you will eventually (in a matter of weeks ) be sent a 20% off ecoupon that you can use toward a suit. I think buying a Corneliani from them at around $700 would represent a very low risk...
Out of curiosity, how long and wide is the solid black wool/cash/silk blend tie?
Yes, I've heard of Tiecrafters. If no one wants to buy the tie, I may have to send it to them eventually. For now, I would rather sell the tie. The tie isn't THAT wide. 3.75" is pretty standard for many British and Italian ties. I have access to a great bespoke tailor who could probably do the job, but my guess is sending it to Tiecrafters would be less costly.
Up for sale is a brand new with tags Navy Pin Head Dot tie from Benson and Clegg. The tie is made in England and is very nice. The dots are woven into the tie, not printed. If you look very closely at the tie, there is a faint grid pattern connecting the dots, but it is not noticeable from 2 or 3 feet away. B&C ties are not sold in the U.S., but there is a persistent rumor that they make ties for Ben Silver. In any case, this is a great tie, and would be perfect for...
Look for a quartz Tissot with a saphire crystal and 100M water resistance. I have had one for almost ten years with no problem.
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