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Suggestions: Custom made ties from Buying ties you like and having them narrowed by Jcrew "narrow" ties on sale. These are 2 3/4" wide and US made. Check ebay for NOS ties 3" wide and slimmer. Right now I'm wearing a NOS Polo RL tie that I paid $17 for shipped. Look for less popular brands or just troll listings for ties in "new" condition. I bought about a dozen narrow ties this way most under $10 shipped...all 100% silk and all...
I'm in the USA, so I called the USA order department.
The trick is they're not on the website. You have to call LANDS END and order over the phone. When I called to order a navy one at regular price they told me about the yellow, pink, and blue ones still on sale. I picked up a blue one. For those not familiar with these knits, they are 2 3/4" wide and 57" long and made in Italy.
Germs are the least of your problems with used shoes. The real problem is the foot imprint and wear pattern developed by the previous owner. That can't be fixed without taking the shoe apart. It's not something that is fixed with recrafting or resoling a shoe either.
The direct linking doesn't work. Go to, then click on clearance, then go to shoes, then go to Cheaney Captoe.
If you need black captoes, call Tuttle and order the Cheaneys for $180 Go to the Clearance section, then go to shoes, then look for Cheaney Captoe While I like a bunch of stuff LE does (khakis, knit ties, etc.), after trying a pair of dirty bucks from them over the summer (which I had to return because they were shoddily made and uncomfortable) I have concluded that shoes aren't really their strong suit. The LE shoes you were looking at were...
Thought I would post my impressions here too.... Got a pair in the mail today. I wanted a pair of black captoes but didn't want to drop $325 for a brand new pair of first quality Park Aves (even though I love my brown Park Aves) so I thought I'd try these. These are calf leather, not the corrected grain leather used on some of the lower end Cheaneys. Overall I do not like them quite as much as Park...
I suppose that depends what you mean by "wear every day". If you mean keep the jacket at work and only put in on when absolutely necessary because you're meeting with someone important, etc. then that should be fine. If you mean you will wear the coat walking around and sitting at your desk everyday I would say definitely not.
I would not buy a watch without a second hand, so I vote for the Seiko. Both are attractive watches. Also, if the Seiko doesn't come with a Sapphire crystal, I would have one installed. Personally I would prefer a watch with luminous hands and hour markers. I wonder if there is a model similar to these that is perhaps a bit more sporty and has that.
I found this one, but have no idea about the item or the seller... Any ideas on other recommendations?
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