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Get a real peacoat from a military surplus store or from sterlingwear.
STP has a very liberal return policy. If the canvassing isn't there, you send it back. You'll know in any case based on the tag inside the coat. If it's mainline Isaia, the canvassing should be there.
Did you try the Park Ave in a wider width? I'd suggest doing that, but if it doesn't work you'll have to look at something else. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=78852 Here is the thread I wrote up about the Cheaney Sloanes. They are only available in one width or "fitting" to my knowledge. Tuttle took them off the website so you'll have to call to see if they have any left. Alden has a basic captoe available, you may want to look into those, though they...
Angelic, No offense, I think we both know that this Yale grad program, whatever it is, and Hofstra Law are not the same thing. I'm not a Yalie or any Ivy grad, so please don't mistake this for snobbery. At any rate, I think the OP should make the best impression he can (can't hurt, after all), but not get his hopes up. I don't recommend a tie because I think it looks too fussy...I'd go for a polished, yet relaxed look and forgo the tie.
For lasts, you'll have to call an AE store. They should be able to help you. The styles on closeout will be discontinued models that aren't on the website currently but google usually turns up a pic. For better pics of current models, check the zappos website as they have good pictures of multiple angles. Also try googling some of this stuff.
Those shoes are inappropriate overall. That's what I was talking about. For AE shoes, the sleeker lasts are the #5 and #8, when you call the shoe bank ask them if they have any closeouts in your size that are made on those lasts. The lasts are the wooden "molds" the shoe is made on to give it shape. If you are going to pay $500 for a pair of shoes, that opens up a lot of other options that I'm sure other forum members could help you out with.
Your problem is you want a shoe to do more than one thing without really being good for either. A pair of well made, black conservative lace ups is what you want for interviews. For casual wear with jeans and such, wear whatever you want. I would just look for something inexpensive that is comfortable. Personally, I would never wear any pair of "dress" shoes with jeans, but that's just me. I would STRONGLY advise against the Costume Nationals and ESPECIALLY against...
I don't mean to be discouraging, but these "tour programs" for graduate/professional schools usually don't lead to acceptance if you are not otherwise a "shoe in". I wouldn't get worked up about the whole tour thing if I were you. The blazer with khakis, a buttondown, brown dress shoes and no tie sounds good though.
For the price of the LEs, you could probably get something a lot better from the AE factory store. Call them and ask what styles are on closeout in your size. They can ship anywhere. Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank at the Factory 201 East Seven Hills Road Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074 USA Phone: 262-284-7158 I also recently bought a pair of black "Sloane" captoes made by Cheaney in England for $180 shipped from Tuttle that are goodyear welted, full grain leather and every...
Has anyone had a problem with receiving a pair with a badly cracked, dried out finish? I got a pair from shoebuy recently during one of their promotions and one of the boots has very cracked finish. It looks bad enough that I'm am going to return the boots in exchange for another pair. Just wondering if this was a common problem .....
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