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How does it feel while walking and sitting down. Can you reach your arms in front of you without it feeling super restricting? Looks a little tight. That is a car coat, not an overcoat, btw.
Jcrew at final sale is your best bet. Their narrow ties are 2 3/4". Sometimes they're marked down to $10.
I have a london fog trench. Serviceable and decent, but the current ones are not up to the standard of the old U.S. made l.f. trench coats.
The sleeves are too long b/c they don't show at least 1/4" of shirt cuff. Break on the pants is personal taste, I personally go for very little break. Also, I don't like plain bottom trousers on suits, I go for a 1.5" cuff.
Hard to judge fit with a picture of the back. Next time buy a charcoal gray or navy suit. Definitely get a real pair of dress shoes whatever you do. For better tie knots, practice. I actually don't like those super tight knots where the tie is being "strangled" b/c they cause really bad wrinkles in the tie that don't go away. Take a look at well dressed people in real life - their tie knots typically don't look like that either.
That Burberry was obviously shortened. IMO, a dumb idea because not only does it look out of proportion but the whole point of a trench coat is to cover you to keep you from getting wet. That's why a trench should hit your knees or maybe 1-2" inches below. The Barbour pictured doesn't look to be the right length either.
I'm a couple inches shorter than you and about 25 lbs heavier and I would not wear a 4 inch tie. Actually, I generally do not wear any tie over 3.5". You'd probably be better off with a tie 3"-3.25" wide.
I do not work for tiecrafters but I recommend them. I recently had them narrow a tie for me from 3 3/4" to 3" wide. They're expensive, but they do a good job and I'm not aware of any other company that specializes in cleaning and altering ties for a cheaper price. Some tailors may agree to alter your ties, but whether or not they do a good job is another story. You can always take a cheap tie to your tailor and see how they do before giving them a bunch of nicer ties....
Field's can do it if you are willing to wait a few weeks. It will be expensive. Something like $20-25 per buttonhole that needs to be made. Give him a call.
zappos and classic sport shoes say they fit true to size. no idea if that is right or not but I just ordered the Cousys and the center lo in my usual sneaker/running shoe size (not the size I wear in chucks, which is 1/2 size down). hopefully at least one of the pairs fits.
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