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You don't need a prescription for BP. Maybe for a strong concentration, but 2.5% and 5% BP are available in the USA without prescription. I use the Dan Kern 2.5% BP. You don't necessarily need a high concentration b/c dermatological studies have proven that 2.5% works just as well. Listi is right that BP can bleach clothes. Wash your face in the shower and get dressed FIRST. Then put the BP on and then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. BP can also bleach...
I've been dealing with acne for about 15 years now. The over the counter stuff or salon type stuff doesn't really work, IME. Neither did any of the prescription only products I tried. The only thing I've found that works are the Dan Kern products at
Sweat can stain shirts but the aluminum in many deodorants and anti-perspirants will do far more damage than sweat. I sweat quite a bit in the summer b/c it's hot where I live and I have to adhere to a biz casual (no short sleeves) dress code in the summer time. I use Tom's of Maine deodorant and wear plain white undershirts under all my dress shirts. No problems with stained shirts. Another tip is to change out of your nice clothes or work clothes when possible. When...
I have access to a good optometrist for eye exams. That's not the problem. I need a lab for lenses, a good one. Most of the places around me are very expensive and chain store affiliates. I know the ebay guys frames are old stock. I'd be hesitant to buy frames without trying them on anyway. Any suggestions from people who done something like this? Thanks.
Very cheap, but are the lenses any good? Anyone else use this guy? He says 1.67 high index lenses are $65. I wonder who makes those?
Does anyone know of a trustworthy reliable, online eyeglasses lab? I'm talking about someone who I can send my own frames to, then they will cut lenses and put them in. I would need high index "thin" type lenses because I have a strong prescription (-7.00 in contact lenses). The reason I'm asking about this is the chain stores want to charge me $425+ the last time I checked for a pair of flimsy cheapo frames ($99) with the type of lenses I need. I don't even think that...
Very interested in seeing reviews of this suit as they go out. One suggestion I would make is that in addition to the measurements you have posted on the website, please post the jacket measurements for waist at the narrowest point and across the top button.
+1 on the Thayers. I recently got a bottle of the Alcohol Free Rose scent and really like it a lot. Works great for sensitive skin and doesn't burn at all. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but an inexpensive aftershave that works pretty well is Nivea Sensitive "extra soothing" balm. It's also alcohol free and even receives decent marks from the folks at
texas is right. the bunching at the shoulders and the vent standing open are telltale signs the coat is too tight. return it or sell it to someone.
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