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Some coats run big, and you might need to size down. I found that will my raincoat anyway and several overcoats I've tried on. Just make sure you always try them on over a suit jacket or a blazer b/c that's how you'll be wearing it.
I would complain to AE and see what they can do. Great shoes by the way, a pity I couldn't get them to fit my feet.
I wouldn't even try it unless you know someone who can do a proper recut.
If you go to U Street, check out Dukem for food. Field's also carries a small selection of some of the nicest looking ties I've ever seen.
I'd pass unless you already own a collection of these sort of ties and are confident of the staying power it would have you.
Goomba, I would definitely only buy stuff for your friend that can be returned. Odds are you'll have to try a lot of stuff before you find something that fits. Getting unreturnable suits or sportcoats on ebay is a bad idea. Most suits don't have a lot of extra fabric to let out either. You could always try those big and tall stores...maybe they would have something to accomodate bodybuilders in an athletic cut...
Unless your suit is a "trad" 3 button to 2 button rolled lapel with an undarted front, those shoes in black will look fine with it.
bizarre. I also take an 8.5D in the 2, 4, 5, and old 0 lasts. The Mcclains fit fine except for the elongated toe. I don't think messing with the sizing would've worked b/c the fit would be off in other areas for me. Oddly enough I've tried other #8 lasted shoes by AE and they were way too tight across the small toes and that couldn't be fixed with messing with the sizing...tried that and fit was still off. That's why I avoid the #8 last and most newer AE...
Quote: Originally Posted by Razeus can they tell if it has been altered? Is this a joke? Anyone can tell that suit has been aggressively altered.
More problems: The pocket flaps are virtually touching the side seams. Doesn't look right. That's what happens when you try to aggressively take in something that is simply too big for you to begin with. If you look at the front view, the pockets are not lined up horizontally. Possibilities: One of your shoulders is lower than the other. The tailor screwed up. JAB manufactured the suit incorrectly.
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