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Wear the dress pants, long sleeve BD shirt, and dress shoes. Make sure the belt matches your shoes.
Call Jack Victor with the item number on the suit you saw and they should be able to give you the real info on it.
You probably tore the fusing in the area around the pocket. Opening up the pocket itself wouldn't make that ripping noise. Scroll down to the pics of the coat bottoms in the middle of the page. Note the difference between a coat that has been "bagged out" and one made on an "open coat" system.
The best way to check is to just ask on this forum. Sometimes one can tell without pulling the fabric apart - for example, the lapel is too thin to be properly canvassed, etc. Pulling it apart will tear the fusing if you hear that noise. I've done it with jackets I was curious about in the store, of course, I didn't buy those.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger Since this seems like a good thread for it... what's the cheapest (yet decent quality) place for MTM shirts in DC? If you want inexpensive, you probably have to go to a traveling HK tailor when they come through town.
Look for vintage new old stock ties by Hardy Amies and Briar if trolling ebay for narrow ties.
Tiecrafters can narrow any tie. Many J.Press ties are 3.25" RL Black Label ties are 3" Drakes has some narrower ties. Custom made ties from a company like Sam Hober can be made to any width. Google for the websites.
kind of ugly.
the people at drycleaners are seamstresses, not real tailors. take it to a real tailor and see what they can do. a recut won't be cheap, btw.
Make sure the waist is comfy sitting down if you have a gut. If you have it taken in and there isn't enough room for your gut the shirt will be very uncomfortable when you sit down.
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