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The other posters seem to be correct that there are two Joe Hemrajani's. Anyway, the Bermini guy got some bad press by a member of Ask Andy About Clothes. Apparently, the customer/member was tired of being jerked around for several months so they just initiated a chargeback through their credit card company and got their money back that way. I do not know how much you paid for the shirts but this guy was able to get back $5000+ from his credit card company.
If you are short, like 5'8" or under, buy a short size suit. The rise of the pants is usually a little shorter but nothing extreme. They are not meant for heavier guys. I'm not aware of any major differences in armhole size. That would be a "portly" sized suit which can come in regular or short, AFAIK. Having the jacket length shortened on a regular sized suit is a dicey operation that I wouldn't mess with.
I'm going to be in some suburbs east of Detroit proper.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Are there any others you'd recommend? Unfortunately, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti is pretty far out of my way. Birmingham is a bit out of the way too but I might have to try Douglas if I can find any other good options.
Can anyone recommend a good drycleaner in Metro Detroit? I'm visiting the area and have no idea about local cleaners. I need a pair of wool suit pants (super 150s, kind of delicate fabric) cleaned and don't want them ruined. A cleaners that can do a proper, safe spot cleaning would be ideal. Thanks.
Wow you are a really slim. I would probably stick to ties that are 2.75"-3.25" wide and no longer than 58".
The shoes along with 2 or 3 other styles are AE webstore exclusives and none of them are offerred in D width. Supposedly AE is testing the waters with limited web sales for shoes that are currently only sold on the Euro market and were discontinued in the U.S.
There are certain decent brands of ties that go on ebay, sometimes unused for not a lot of money just because their not as popular as BB or Polo. I've bought ties by Hardy Amies, Briar, Gant, Bert Pulitzer, and some private labeled men's store ties for less than $10 each, all unused. The trick is finding a design you like b/c these companies made some hideous ties as well as some nice looking ones.
I've only ordered once from ModaItalia and I didn't have any major problems. The three ties I got were all NOS (unused) and I paid about $12 for them all together. Since 2 of them were brands I was already familiar with there were no dissapointments in quality. The one "no name" tie I got ended up being a nice surprise with respect to the quality. I got my order in about 2 weeks and I'm in the U.S.
Look for new old stock ties. Used ties are usually in worse condition than they look on your computer screen. I just bought about 10 NOS ties on ebay and they came from a variety of sources...not just one or two sellers. There really is no easy answer to this question since what you want to buy is going to a function of personal taste. If you troll ebay, you may not find "large selection of ties" that appeal to might only find a couple. If you want a ton of ties...
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