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You could try Leather Therapy. If the mold is way down in the footbed, you could try having the shoes totally rebuilt with new cork and new soles.
Law school is a terrible idea for someone in your situation and is highly unlikely to lead to the outcome you think it will. Even the top law schools are a bad bet going forward...there are a ton of '09 and '10 grads from the top 10-15 schools out there still looking for decent work. Many of them are not only looking for jobs in law either, and they're still having a very tough time. No offense, but your ideas about law school are incredibly naive and uninformed. Finish...
Shoulder alterations are usually not cheap. Either something is wrong with the way that jacket was made or one of your shoulders is shaped oddly.
They'll be on sale again somewhere, just keep an eye out.
It's not the lapels that bother me so much about that suit (though they are too thin), it's the length and button stance. I'd look into something else. The legal industry is quite conservative (I'm speaking from experience here) and that suit is not a good idea for what you need, period. That suit *might* be okay for some kind of design related job but is a plain bad idea for any sort of conservative business environment.
Amazon has those new for $207. Or at least they did a couple days ago. I'd save your money.
Clarks Desert Boots, Beeswax Leather. Size 9.5. Worn only once. These are great looking boots but seem to run a bit large. Can't keep them as they're too loose on my heels and give me blisters. $60 Shipped. Shipping will be by FedEx or UPS, so no PO Boxes.
NEW "Heartland" brand penny loafers, size 9D. Unlined, made in El Salvador. AFAIK these are full grain leather, nice and supple. None of that plastic-y "leather" you see on cheaper loafers like Bass, Sebagos, etc. Soles are leather with a waxy coating and hard black rubber heels. The sizing is more like running sneaker sizing, not AE type dress shoe sizing. These seem to run just a tad small and are slightly narrow for a snug fit. $35 shipped. Shipping will be by FedEx or...
NEW Alfred Sargent boots in dark brown suede. Size UK 8. Made in England. These fit more like dress shoes than workboots and were probably designed to be worn with thin-ish dress socks as opposed to heavy wool socks you might wear with a pair of hiking boots. The toe area is a little tapered so folks on the cusp of regular and wide sizing might find these slightly cramped in the toebox. Leather lined with a Vibram commando sole. Speed lacers at the top 4 eyelets on each...
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