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 Any chance of you guys doing something in the minimalist double rider style?
All this thinly-veiled violence talk is really creeping me out. At the end of the day it's 800 bucks for a jacket. Certainly, not worth... you know... prison.   That said, I get the frustration.   I asked for a refund on my two jackets after week 60. Charly's response was that Drew would be issuing said refund within the week that I had requested it; Drew requested specific details of my order, etc. So, at one point, it was obviously the intention to issue refunds....
 Haha. Yeah. Totes my fault for the delays. Sorry guys.
 Haha, yeah. I requested a refund for my two August 2013 orders this past October. I waited until the middle of November. When I didn't hear anything I contacted my credit card company and got my money back. Bought a Schott that very day and rocked it right up until it started snowing.
Same one as always: templeofjawnz@gmail.com
Has anyone had any luck contacting Charly in the last three weeks?   I've emailed a few times about my refund (was originally told it would happen the last week of October), but have received no response. 
 Okay. Well, WTF should I do!? I asked for a damn refund. Refund the transaction and tell Charly I want payment directly from them? Why won't this whole TOJ nightmare just end!
To be clear, I specifically asked for my money to be returned--and was not asked if I'd be okay with transferring my place / accepting payment from another customer.    Ordinarily, this would bother me terribly, but I'm worn a bit thin worrying about these jackets.
So, I asked for a refund on both of my orders today (a TOJ0 and an A2--both from August 2013).    Charly responded promptly and said that he'd "inform Drew."   Two hours later I got a paypal transfer for the TOJ0 amount from a random person; I assume that Charly just "sold my spot" to someone else.   Ultimately, I'm bummed that it turned out like this. When I placed my first order I was so damn excited (so much so that my wife offered me to give me some extra money...
New Posts  All Forums: