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 Idiots. I tell them they're idiots. (No offense.)
I'm sure I will be.   But I don't think it's unfair to feel a bit scorned paying for a product up front, for a proposed lead time, and then waiting twice as long.    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure we're breaking records on lead times at this point. This wouldn't and shouldn't be acceptable in any other business model, I'm just really astonished that everyone here is so cool with it. Offering a whole new product as a fundraiser (whether it affects lead...
 I already bought it. That's the point. I never assumed that whatever fundraiser they're doing is slowing down production; I just think it's gauche to offer a new product when people are still waiting for something they ordered 35 weeks ago.
At the risk of upsetting the status quo here, some of these recent posts are silly. You're all clamoring over fundraiser wallets and backpacks while people who placed and paid for orders over 8 months ago (nearly twice the originally suggested lead time) still haven't received their jackets.   How about instead of encouraging your previous patrons to support a new venture, you fulfill obligations to the outstanding customers in a timely manner?   Defend the deal,...
Hi All. I know there are many groom related threads already, but as this is a fairly specific question, hopefully no one minds.   Our wedding is a fairly-casual, evening event in early spring. I'll be wearing a two-button light gray suit (here's the swatch) with a white shirt and black park aves. Groomsmen will be wearing non-matching gray suits with yellow neckties.   I'd like to wear something distinct from my groomsmen and was initially considering wearing a silver...
I am profoundly confused.    Everyone is referring to stock front lengths (46, 48, 50), but stock lengths seem to vary from jacket to jacket on the website.   I ordered a TOJ0 and an A-2. As someone who is 170 and a hair under 6'1, Charly suggested a length of front length of 23.5" on both. My actual front length body measurement is 22 inches.    Can anyone, for the love of pete, please either reassure me or correct me... before it's too late! DUN DUN DUNNN.
  Rad. Post a fit picture when you get it!   This is my first online made to measure experience, so it's been slightly nerve-wracking considering the cost. I take comfort in our size solidarity.
Sorry for the confusion, the measurements I posted are from Charly.
Yeah. Absolutely. Maybe I'm just concerned that my jacket will think I'm fat.
First post. Made an account an errything.    Just a tad unsure about measurements for an A2. I'm 6'1 and ~170.   shoulders 17.5" chest (pit-to-pit) 21.3" midsection 20.0" waist 19.5" body length, front 23.5" body length,...
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