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Same one as always: templeofjawnz@gmail.com
Has anyone had any luck contacting Charly in the last three weeks?   I've emailed a few times about my refund (was originally told it would happen the last week of October), but have received no response. 
 Okay. Well, WTF should I do!? I asked for a damn refund. Refund the transaction and tell Charly I want payment directly from them? Why won't this whole TOJ nightmare just end!
To be clear, I specifically asked for my money to be returned--and was not asked if I'd be okay with transferring my place / accepting payment from another customer.    Ordinarily, this would bother me terribly, but I'm worn a bit thin worrying about these jackets.
So, I asked for a refund on both of my orders today (a TOJ0 and an A2--both from August 2013).    Charly responded promptly and said that he'd "inform Drew."   Two hours later I got a paypal transfer for the TOJ0 amount from a random person; I assume that Charly just "sold my spot" to someone else.   Ultimately, I'm bummed that it turned out like this. When I placed my first order I was so damn excited (so much so that my wife offered me to give me some extra money...
You're not being serious, but that's mostly my point:   Here is a thread full of people who have been waiting well over a year, with zero legitimate responses from the company, no way to get in touch with the actual business proprietor, and virtually zero recourse, and yet what we end up with is bickering back and forth about whether it's gauche to complain or not. If anything, that's the laughable part.
 Maybe it's just me, but I really don't think this situation is funny anymore.
 This conversation again? It's not a work of art, it's a practical, utilitarian item. It's value is inherent to being able to actually wear it. So, you know, getting it for seasonal wear is... a consideration, at least. Just because it's not a hassle for you, doesn't mean that people can't feel scorn for being dicked around.
 Oh yeah, I know. I'm just setting a personal threshold... which falls well past the point of logic and sanity. Not to poison my own well, but it boggles my mind that there are actually people willing to pay money for TOJ spots at this point.
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