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Does anyone know when next markdown is at ssense? Thanks, Dan
Quote: Originally Posted by flipstar Anyone checked out the recent sample sale yoox is having - although I see some old stock there's some surprisingly cheap bargains if you manage to wade through the pages of sold out items... link?
Not ebay, but cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by max-t anyone know what price range this puts diors in and whether they'll have smaller sizes in stock in ny if i get there by opening? I'd suggest just calling the store and speaking to a SA and putting them on hold if they have them. They may be able to ship from another location too.
Manhattan Century 21 has a large new shipment of WWM in medium. They're also running their "clearance sale", which is a bunch of shit, except for one small rack of Jil and a couple of Niccolo Ceschi Berrini jackets at good prices. Dan
Just received. Beautiful jacket, but just not the fit I was looking for. Tagged XS and fits true to size with a straight cut through the body (I was hoping for more waist tapering). Great fabric (I've never seen cotton quite like this - if it wasn't tagged as is, I'd think it was wool). Sleeve leather is thick but supple. Really nice. Zips are super high quality (not YKK). Not at all plasticy like the photos allude. Entire jacket is lined in a quilted...
So how exactly does this c21 coupon work? Printout the barcode? Have you actually used it? Thanks, Dan
I placed an order for two pairs of Boglioli pants at 11pm on Monday. I got a shipping notification on Tuesday. UPS attempted to deliver on Wednesday but my apartment number was missing (I believe my own fault), and they would not allow me to edit the address. Only the sender could... I emailed threedifferent to request the change on Wednesday afternoon. They called UPS and made the adjustment immediately, and the pants delivered today. The ordering experience (aside...
Number 8. Perforated leather.
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