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Fantastic pics! One day...
I'm gonna have to take a shot of my closet. My ocd kicked in and I arranged them by color and shade
Finally got some nice English made shoes! G&G St.James II vintage cherry.
All is good thanks, super busy this time of year with work and finally closed and moving to my new house Friday. I do miss being on here.
Monthly Hello!
I got an email saying a fedex package is at the office waiting for me!!
Finally getting settled into the new job. That means mini fridge under the desk of course.
Just ordered one of their new Japanese flannels!
Howdy folks! Been busy but still around. Getting settled in new work digs. Closing on 10/30 for new home digs. I'll have to do something about the closets though may not be enough. Or could be a good time to purge some crap.
Thanks! I knew I recognized it from somewhere. I picked up some Carmina loafers from them not long ago.
New Posts  All Forums: