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Just ordered one of their new Japanese flannels!
Howdy folks! Been busy but still around. Getting settled in new work digs. Closing on 10/30 for new home digs. I'll have to do something about the closets though may not be enough. Or could be a good time to purge some crap.
Thanks! I knew I recognized it from somewhere. I picked up some Carmina loafers from them not long ago.
Love their Cognac shell! I just picked up some longwings from Carmina direct and just can't stop staring at all the different shades that color brings out. Looks good Gents!
Yeah dude, NAOW! I've worn mine probably 5 times already and got it after you!
Love that pic! Where did you pick up the apron at?
Are you showing or selling?
Probably not everyones cup of tea but my hats off to you for pulling it off! I dig it. I was watching Gangs of New York earlier for a minute and appreciating all the nostalgic menswear that they portrayed for that time period.
Polygon gave it a 6.5 also....le sigh....
Carmin Cognac Shell
New Posts  All Forums: