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Could be. Do we have pics/deets on it yet that I missed?I'd probably wear it like a Hugh Hef robe....Hopefully it's got that "storm system" protection on it if ya know what I mean.
52-54 depending on cut. I've felt better lately in 44/54's.
So by 54 you mean Euro sizing?
Haven't had much time to play. No Vault of Glass. Level 9 only. Thought this was pretty funny
Deleted, don't wan't to cause problems.
Yes they are green shell. This is the response I got from Carmina - "Soon at Demir schumanufaktur in Biesbaden, Germany."
I'm extremely pleased with both HC ties as well as the price. Seems the two I have are out of stock though.
Want so bad!
Todays Carmina Austerity Brogues Speaking of green. Carmina posted this recently. Green Shell Monks. Soon to be sold at a shop in Germany. Demir schumanufaktur.
It is more of a brown although it does have a "copper" tint to it maybe.
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