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I wonder if I can iron it into one...
It's a fleabay Barneys of NY - 3 button. I love the fabric (Cashmere) but not so much the 3 button. I have it up FS atm. I go back and forth on it.
I got something like that...
Yeah I'm diggin those trousers too! Nice Combo!
Tie sadly is a bit skinny.Other Tie Pairings. [[SPOILER]]
Deets on them trousers @europrep?
Yeah I would alter the formosa as little as possible. Why are you pinching the waist of the jacket?? I don't think it's a flattering move based on what you've shown here. (I'm in the same boat/funky body shape) Or did you mean trouser waist? In that case ok.
Very interesting stitching and antique work. They look to be well made. It's interesting that the leather is that soft. The wheeled edges look well done. The last is very sharp looking as well. I'd be interested in what @DWFII thinks.
Yeah they are clenched for a business.
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