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You got those navy suede Carmina's!! Nice!!! I wish they had them in my size. Looks like u got the last ones as they're no longer on their site.
I like it noodles! Especially the shoulders!
G&T as in Gin & Tonics? I can't argue with that!! Enjoy!!
Gregs accent makes me want to buy a lot of clothes from him/NMWA. I don't know why, it was like jedi magic or something.
I think my wife is catching on to my being on here. At first I told her I was reading an article about menswear. Then I told her I was reading some blogs....I think she knows it's more than that I'm afraid. Especially when I keep coming home from the office with new boxes..
Thanks! You too my Friend!! In about 4 hours I'll be on a boat with a drink in hand hopefully!
Cross posting my first outing with my Navy Calf's. Had them awhile, just breaking them in still.
That's what I'd be doing. Hopefully soon!
New Posts  All Forums: