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I'd say CL for the tire. For the wrap, $2,000 +++. And then some, to get it done properly.  You're a glutton for punishment, eh? 
They have those on the inside of the fridge too... 
But why does it have to be that fridge? Could they not have built it into the same cabinetry?  Otherwise, I like everything else. I prefer a lower eating bar to a higher perch and the difference in counter height doesn't seem like much of a barrier between those seated and those standing. 
Both RM and Gooding tweeted most of the results.  The GTR hammered at $220k + fees There were two 2000GTs; RM sold for $950k + fees and Gooding's car pulled $1.155 all-in.  I liked the GTs better when they were cheaper ;) 
Hope you're right.  I have some friend's with cars selling with Gooding & RM... They're, um, puckered... 
The rumour of the GTO sale has been circulating nearly since it became known that Bonhams was "auctioning" it... Prices for either private placement or actual sale are expected to be the same; I hear ~US$63MM, but that's to be seen. Apparently, there are a few other GTOs with possible sales pending, dependent on the price attained by 3851. IMO, the 275 Speciale is a far prettier car than the GTO (which I've never like that much - give me SWB! ). It was hard for either RM...
Well, I never said anything about that... That's all good. But it doesn't automatically make for a great drag car. Kinda reminds me of the first-gen V8 Vantage or the E60/63 BMWs... Awesome sound when you hit the gas, but all of a sudden, you realize the speed you're at and the rate at which you got there don't quite equate to all that noise. 
 Yep, the SLS is a beast. To recycle a phrase from another thread, I've heard from a few guys that were pitched an  LFA that it's anemic (all passed). It's all show (aural) and no go.  It nice for a change to see just what all the different stats actually "mean". You can hear 0-60 in 3.2 or 4.7, but to most, that doesn't really translate into much more than one's quicker than the other... It's interesting to see just what that difference actually looks like. 
Just wiki'd it and Trump's yacht originally cost $100MM (he bought it used for $29MM; that hurts), so it would cost about $10MM to keep it fueled and crewed... Based on a $250k fill-up, that sounds about right. 
 I've always heard that a rough estimate to "keep it floating" each year will cost about 10% of the new price... This is supposed to cover fuel, crew, maintenance, etc. though I'm not sure what size threshold that is applicable for...  Obviously that doesn't cover depreciation. I've also been told that if it floats, flies or fucks, it's cheaper to rent it. 
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