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 What would be that car today? Rolls Wraith? 
 There is a new Cayenne due in 2017, so it would be a good idea to wait if you can make it work with your existing lease. That said, there will likely be some attractive deals when the current model bows out. 
I have never, not once, heard anyone call the GTR "raw".   Are you sure the GTR you drove wasn't a POS? I can see and have often heard "isolated", "distant" and "digital", but never "raw", "clanking" or "slamming"... The only guys I knew to have GTRs only used them as DDs... As a "toy", well there are better tools for that job.  You best stay away from a F430 Scud or GT3RS... 
Lottery winners go broke because they are the type of people that typically play lottery 
We used to have a GL350 and it would commonly show 1,000+ km range on the highway... Honestly, I didn't care enough to pay any closer attention, but that's what the dash computer told me. Did something change with the current truck? Smaller tank? 
RE: loaners cars - One thing to remember is that dealerships fulfil their own loaner fleets, so there are a ton of factors that go into their makeup; local market, inventory allocations, model cycles, etc.    I remember back in '09 that my local dealer had quite a few 7 series loaners. The economy was slower than expected (they had more 7 series allocated than they needed), and the model was reaching it's cycle-end, so they put several cars into the loaner fleet to write...
Surprised no one mentioned this yet -     RIP 
An XJ sedan still catches my eye, much moreso that the S / A / 7 alternatives...  I feel the XK is getting long in the tooth and Jag is trying too hard to tweek a design that's a little tired.  Not feeling the new mid-size sedan. From what I've seen, I do like the F Pace, but it still has me confused... when the first images surfaced, I got it in my head that it was the size of a Q7 and I still that that's the size it should be... Need to see one in person to assess the...
The thing most people don't realize is that parts prices are commensurate to the original cost of the car; the brakes on that CL65 aren't priced like they're for a $28k car, but like the $200k car it was when new.  Same problem with Bentley GTs, Ferraris, Lambos, etc. A lot of buyers are attracted by the relatively reasonable used market prices, not realizing the cost of repairs. Deferred maintenance is the number one thing to watch out for on any vehicle of this type. 
 And most of the cars sold for below estimate, which I think was $24-28mm based on Gooding's numbers, compared to the $22mm achieved.  FWIW, several (nicer, lower mileage) Flachbaus have sold for more than the price of the Seinfeld car. 
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