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As Finn said, the Ferrari is (very, very high) seven figures alone... The whole lot is easily mid-eight figures.    Depending on how long they've sat (I haven't read the article yet), they might have just be 'old cars' at the point they were shuttered in the barn. There's no shortage of barn-find stories, and the common theme seems to be that they were forgotten - and lost - at a time when they really weren't anything special (or valuable). While the values are currently...
  But the Speciale A doesn't come with a manual transmission.  He should just dump the 16M anyways and get something with a manual transmission. You know, a real drivers car! 
 A few years back, my townhouse had a fireplace placement similar to the one in the OP. I had the same idea; replace the fire box with something more modern and low, thereby increasing the space above the fireplace to allow for a lower mount. I got several quotes and they were all in the $7-10,000 range which seemed too steep for a place I wasn't staying in long term and I didn't feel the change would be appreciated enough to recapture the value at resale time. There was...
 The guys I know that use them as dailys through Canadian winters would disagree ;) 
     That was my point... Seeing homes like that, on property like that, at pricing like that... That's the piss-off. 
First of all, fuck that price. That right there pisses me off.    I agree with the above... Looks like a fantastic place to completely gut and redo. 
X5 has a 3rd row available. It's useless, but it's available. 
Good list, but you missed it...  1994 964 Turbo S Package Car... 1 of 17 (14 reportedly remain). I was never really a fan of the 964 Slantnose cars and didn't even know the Turbo S Package (Slantnose-delete) existed until I met this guy...  Last of the rwd Turbos, standard X88 option (480hp!), last of the "pontoon fenders", last of the whale-tail Turbos... Pretty close to Porsche nirvana. 
That's what I'd meant when I wrote "does anyone want to play 'guess which car this is'?" I'm curious to hear your answer... 
Very good list. You should be able to get a very nice 996TT for less that $70k and I think it's hard to find a nice 993 coupe-anything for $45... If they're out there, they're dwindling.  I was talking to a friend the other day about cars (as usual)... He owns one of the rarest 911 variants ever and was telling me about the unsolicited offers he's received over the last few weeks (it's not for sale, but the numbers are getting tempting).  Just for fun, does anyone want to...
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