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 A proper fitting, for one thing. But the trunk show is also for bespoke customers.
 I saw some Burnhams at the factory - I thought it was a wonderful colour (dark oak, highly polished naturally). The shape is very elegant. My only concern would be that perhaps they are too good to wear for riding.
So far there has been relatively little debate in the UK because the result of the vote is already foregone. There is certainly some support for Scottish independence from south of the border, but whether the Scots would be happy to pay for their independence seems highly unlikely. Not overlooking a long history of warfare between the two nations, Scotland nevertheless entered into union with England (and Ireland) quite freely and on equal terms and at no time has it been...
Your idea reminds me a little of Tricker's monkey boot:   https://www.shoehealer.co.uk/trickers/tricker-s-monkey-boot-copper-suede-detail
Thanks - I will look on the website and PM you.
 No, but it has (or at any rate had) a lively nightclub downstairs. I would imagine the restaurant will be good but if not, there are various other hotels nearby going towards the town centre that are good, besides the more basic places in Pacquis, just behind the Kempinski.
 I've been very pleased with the crepe-soled suede chukkas you sent me, and would be inclined to order more Sanders shoes if you stocked size 13. Here is an article on Sanders: http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/sanders-shoes-guide-factory-tour/
 The Kempinski faces across the lake so with any luck you will have great views from your room. The lakeside walk towards the botanical gardens and the United Nations and beyond is a very pleasant stroll at the weekend, and going the other way, Geneva's very attractive old town is a 15-20 minute walk. A steamer ride on the lake would show you a bit more of the wider region. The area behind the Kempinski - the Pacquis - may not be to everyone's liking (some colourful low...
 It's on the Quai du Mont Blanc, in Geneva. With any luck you will be able to see Mont Blanc. If you've ever been to Darjeeling, Mont Blanc is to Geneva as the Himalayas are to Darjeeling.
 Mont Blanc itself is quite some distance away from Geneva (30-50 miles?) - the only reason it can be seen from Geneva (on a clear day) is that it's so massive. Or perhaps you are staying at the Hotel Mont Blanc (which is in Geneva)?
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