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More recent review of Horace Batten:   http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/riding-boots-leather-horace-batten/
 That's lovely cloth. I disagree about the sleeves needing to be shortened - I would leave them as they are. Dry cleaned? Never do that to a new jacket
Someone else on AAAC discovered that the following firm made trousers for Bookster: http://elitetrousers.co.uk/?page_id=6. Can't say whether they will still have your shade of blue, however.
I would give some thought to the possible down-side of achieving your goal. Is it really worth it?
Five or six years ago I bought two pairs of Grasmere shoes - one black, one tan. I'm very fond of country grain and like them a lot - the last suits me very well. Last week I bought another pair of black Grasmeres - the original pair are still in quite good order but had become quite scratched.   The new pair appear to be made from a rather different grade of leather - the pebble grain is somewhat more defined, which I like, but the leather seems rather stiffer, which...
 Some high-end shoes - both G&G and Edward Green come to mind - favour a more 'elegant' (viz. rather pointed and not overly wide) foot. Derby shoes (bluchers) are said to be easier on the foot for those with high insteps; vice versa for Oxfords perhaps. If you find a particular shoemaker, or style (say Oxfords) generally doesn't suit the shape of your foot, then there are other options that will give you more foot comfort. Personally I would not consent to walk more than...
 There is something seriously amiss there. If that is how the shoes left the factory, it's troubling.
 I've seen these photos, or similar ones, on various occasions. I'm always struck by how clumsily the repairs have been carried out - almost as if His Royal Highness wishes to draw attention to them, which I suspect he does, as he is trying to make a point about waste and living frugally. Had the repairs been properly executed, they would be virtually invisible. He also has quite small feet, which makes the trouser legs seem rather flappy.
 From what you say it sounds like a rather poor fit. As others have commented, I wouldn't worry unduly about the gap in the lacing, although this does make it look a little as though your feet are bulging out of the shoe. However, the feeling of tightness and discomfort you mention sounds wrong to me. You may be able to get the shoes stretched.
 ​Such grain is almost always stamped into the leather at the tannery by means of heavy rollers. Historically there were other ways of imparting grain, but it is not really a natural occurrence.
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