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^ Biodegradability and differential rates of wear or stress tolerance may be side issues for some people, but it is perhaps something you might want to bear in mind. For anyone who prefers to shuffle around in trousers that have become alternately scratchy and shiny, or that spark and crackle from the presence of synthetic fibres in the fabric, don't let me spoil your party.
 The phenomena I was attempting to explain, perhaps rather poorly - fibre degradation, discomfort, yellowing etc arising from injudicious fabric content - are quite widely reported and understood. I'm sorry that you seemed to find my explanation so lacking in persuasive force but invite you to google a few terms such as 'blended fabrics degrade' if you wish.
Yes, I am referring to research that was carried out years ago concerning the complementarity of various fibres.   In essence, at a subatomic level, all fibres have their own electronic field. Similar fibres can be woven together without disturbing this field, whereas fabrics which blend unlike fibres having differing electronic fields disturb this pattern. This will manifest itself in the form of excessive wear, misalignment of fibres, and even a sensation of discomfort...
Chemical and sub-atomic analysis reveals that different fibres necessarily have antipathetic qualities - it is all a matter of like with like. You cannot blame the Savile Row tailors for wishing to experiment, but wiser counsel would inform them otherwise. You mention two mongrel mixtures, but the alpaca and vicuna, however, are very nearly the same creature and their fibres therefore are quite compatible. 
As a general principle, it is inadvisable to intermix different fibres. It may be 'made in Scotland' but it sounds Chinese. I would recommend any of the lightweight 100% wool tweeds rather than this mongrel fabric.
 Sounds like the shoe is too small.
I might be interested in helping to design a tweed, but the website seems to be for tartans - I find most tartans too bright.
You think not? They have been nicely executed, but I think I would have chosen an upright font with serifs, rather than script. Perhaps with the letters superimposed in the way they sometimes are on a signet ring.
Yes, he says they are earlier in the thread. A prudent if slightly unnecessary precaution to avoid a mix-up with someone else's shoes in the locker-room, perhaps?
I bought some suede chukkas from Duckers of Oxford in 1980, and how to look after the suede was one of my questions. Mr Ducker advised me to clean them occasionally under warm water, using a wire brush and mild detergent, wetting the shoes thoroughly and them allowing them to dry slowly, stuffed with newspaper.   This regime struck me as rather harsh but it worked perfectly well in terms of cleaning the suede (a very thick, supple, honey-coloured suede) and appeared...
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