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Don't be taken in - Burberry lost their integrity years ago, it's a completely empty fashion label trading on empty promises. Their garments have very little functional utility these days - their only premise is to take money from gullible foreigners.
 Seems possible. Or - perhaps - not mislabelled, just wrong shoes in the box?
 John White of Northampton ... made in Portugal I believe (or Taiwan?)
 I'm not the speaking clock tell-me-my-weight machine.
 I wonder if the tweed they wore was imported from Britain, or whether the Boers in fact had their own tweed weaving operation? It's quite possible as they had been out there for hundreds of years and were necessarily quite self-reliant, and I believe they kept sheep (and still do). It would be interesting to know.
 Some of their tailoring was done by Mears of Walsall. The Kings were never very open about who did their tailoring, but since their demise, various facts have emerged which reflect quite poorly on the Kings - although who knows what desperate turn of events precipitated their apparent decline? I had a couple of sports jackets made by Bookster, then stumbled across Mears by chance, and they made me a hacking jacket. I was interested to find they were both quicker and...
 Judge? Last thing I would dream of doing ...
Some here scorn Lewin for their offerings, but personally I feel they offer a good service at a very competitive price. For someone starting out, say an intern or office junior who needs a suit, they are just the job. Their shirts also come in an amazing range of sizes - various sleeve lengths for each collar size. Others have commented that they shrink, which can happen. If buying their shirts, it is wise to go up a half-inch in collar size. Their shirts come in too great...
 I hope you were aware that such shoes are intended to be worn with a kilt.
By hand is how Edward Green, Gazio & Girling, Lobb et al burnish their shoes. Of course, they start with very high-quality veg-tanned calfskin. I doubt whether all leathers can be burnished in the same way.
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