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 How did you know I enjoy parlour games? American seemed a fairly safe assumption.
The element of coerciveness is unattractive. Push us and we do the opposite thing.
Canadian then? No need to be shy about it ...
A colonial then? Your help was most welcome and timely. Pity about Singapore, however.
I'm delighted for you. Let's see now - trade with the rest of the world, or with protectionist Europe (where they don't like us much anyway)? Tough one that...
 You're very droll. I shall just have to try to suppress my curiosity on who 'your people' are.
 Not futile at all. There are still parades in his honour, in some parts, if you want gratitude.
You're being coy, but I'll have another guess. Polish? Czech?
 Are you Irish or American? If Irish, I believe they held off on declaring war on Hitler. If American, the history books record 11 December 1941 as the day the USA declared war on Germany. Who were 'our people'? Some stranded American tourists in Paris? Never reinforce failure.
New Posts  All Forums: