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Interesting turn of phrase.
No - Tricker's did make riding boots at one time, but long ago.   My AS veldtschoens are boots as a matter of fact - I called them shoes but they come up well above the ankle. AS Kelsos. You are trying to put words into my mouth here -  but now you mention it, some of what you have to say is rather tedious. I don't think I've been lecturing. Pontificating, perhaps.
You're doubting what? My assurance? There's no point my answering the rest of your post if you don't trust me, which you evidently don't.  I must say - and I'm afraid I'm being subjective here - that you come across as a rather belligerent and narrow-minded person.
 Had I been on this forum at the time, I expect I would have supplied copious photographs and details, but such was not the case. I didn't want to probe too much because, seriously, I was worried about making things worse. But my recollection was that either the insole had failed in some way or the welt stitching had rotted. It was not a simple case of the outsole coming away.  The bootmaker had an interesting antique machine for cutting the feather in the insole, and it...
 I can assure you, a good few of my GY shoes have received equal treatment to that. The AS veldtschoen are my shoe of choice for farmyard treatment.
How droll. However I would prefer St Andrews - all the best families have someone there, and they're quite free with the drinks trolley too (so I understand).
 Thank you that's interesting. The half-day I was quoted was from the riding boot-maker, who I had no reason to doubt but he may have been guilty of slight exaggeration. (Also, I'm a size 12 and a half, which must take a bit longer than a size 8.) But 45 minutes must surely be pushing it? Linen thread might well have been at the bottom of the problem. Also standing around in farmyards ankle deep in slurry probably didn't help matters.
MEMO to HM Treasury Kindly provide funding for purchase of 100,000 pairs of gentleman's Goodyear-welted shoes and 100,000 pairs of hand-welted gentleman's walking shoes for 10-year evaluation project to satisfy curiosity of small group of American shoe obsessives.
In fact I have visited a good few of the factories over the years (Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Gaziano & Girling, one or two others) and watched at close hand each stage of shoe manufacture. I don't think I would describe the insoles as papery (they are definitely leather), or even floppy, but they may well be thinner than HW insoles. I have also seen handwelting. I didn't notice a great difference in thickness but suspect they must be thicker to accommodate the...
 At last a measured reply and no paranoid defensiveness. I'm afraid I have NO intention of cutting them open to examine the insoles, but almost all of my GYW shoes are from Northampton makers. Half-a-dozen or so from each of Crockett & Jones and Alfred Sergeant, three pairs from Tricker's, two Edward Greens, and a random lot from other firms such as Loake and Sanders. Some are up to 20 years old, the average age is probably 10- to 12. They simply never need replacing,...
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